Drowsy Driving Prevention Week This November

Drowsy Driving tips

Prevent drowsy driving with these simple tips.

With up to 6,000 vehicle collisions per year attributed to fatigued driving, Drowsy Driving Prevention Week aims to educate drivers about the risks of drowsy driving and the importance of getting enough quality sleep. The National Sleep Foundation advises drivers to look out for warning signs that they might be too tired to drive. They also offer advice to prevent drowsy driving and reduce car crash risks.

Drowsy Driving Prevention

Studies show that being awake for around 24 hours is comparable to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 percent (which is over the legal limit). Clearly, getting behind the wheel while over-tired puts you and others in danger. It is imperative to take steps to prevent drowsy driving.

Five Tips to Prevent Drowsy Driving:

  1. Take a nap – Napping is not just for small children. A 15 to 20 minute nap could take the edge off and help you stay more alert. More than 20 minutes could make you feel foggy.
  2. Get consistent shut eye – While the exact amount may vary from person to person, sleep experts suggest adults sleep between seven to nine hours a night while teenagers get eight and a half to nine and a half hours.
  3. Drive with a companion – If you’re going on a longer trip, bring a friend or partner. Your passenger can look for signs of fatigue and can assist with driving when you become tired.
  4. Stay away from alcohol – Alcohol can make you sleepy and affect driving performance, along with medications that cause drowsiness. Even if you stay below the legal limit, combining alcohol with drowsiness is a dangerous mix.
  5. Talk to your doctor – If you awaken multiple times throughout the night or someone has told you that you snore loudly, speak to your doctor about potential causes and solutions. You may have sleep apnea or another type of sleep disorder that needs medical attention.

Staying safe year round and not driving while drowsy is a goal of the Drowsy Driving Prevention campaign. Encourage alert driving this week from Nov. 1 – 8 and remember to follow the tips outlined above.

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