Tips to Fit a Bicycle Helmet Properly by New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer

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Thousands of participants around the nation are gearing up to celebrate National Bike to School Day on May 10, 2017 by biking or walking to school. Currently, this includes two schools in Baton Rouge and one in Bossier City, but there’s still time for other schools around Louisiana to sign up for the national event. The first-ever National Bike to School Day happened in May 2012. The event continues to grow each year.

Participants should always follow safe bicycling practices and wear appropriate safety gear not only during this event, but any time they climb aboard their two-wheeled mode of transportation. Our New Orleans bike accident lawyers also suggest these tips to make sure your helmet fits properly.

Fitting a Bicycle Helmet Properly

Helmets are the most effective piece of safety equipment, but they only work when worn and fitted properly. They come in various sizes, so choose one that fits you correctly. Since these sizes vary by manufacturer, don’t assume you know the right size. Try it on, then take steps to ensure it fits snug and offers the most protection.

  • Helmets should sit level and low on your forehead
  • Both the chin and side straps should be snug
  • Tighten the chin strap, until there’s no more than two fingers width beneath the strap
  • Always buckle the chin strap and place the buckle under your chin
  • Adjust sliders on both side straps to form a V under and slightly in front of your ears
  • If your helmet rocks up and down or side to side, tighten your straps some more

Any bike helmet sold in the United States must meet the stringent standards of theU.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Make sure of the CPSC certification label on the inside of your helmet. Many states and local jurisdictions have laws requiring the use helmets by children, but riders of all ages should wear a helmet to better protect themselves during a crash. Always replace your helmet after an accident. Damages may not show.

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New Orleans has a network of dedicated bicycle lanes to help keep cyclists safe. It was even ranked as one of the most bike friendly cities in America byForbes in 2015. However, bike accidents happen anywhere. Despite all safety advancements, injuries happen.

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