Did You Suffer an Injury Inside or Outside a Louisiana Hotel?

Hotel personal injuries
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Staycations and holidays are popular reasons to book a hotel room in Louisiana. Or, perhaps you commonly travel for work. Either way, hotels are a place to relax and unwind after a long day of work or a fun day of touring.

That restful atmosphere can swiftly change when a personal injury happens. If you suffered a hotel personal injury while staying at a Louisiana hotel, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys can fight for your compensation.

Hotel Duties

Hotels have an obligation to protect their guests. Hotel guests, under premises liability law, are considered “invitees.” This means that the hotel must exercise every precaution when it comes to injury hazards on their grounds.

For instance, hotels must provide hotel security for the safety of the guests. Hotel staff must regularly inspect and maintain sidewalks, flooring, handrails, furniture, bedding and more. If a spill occurs, or a pipeline bursts, the hotel must do their best to fix the problem as soon as possible. They also must post signs about possible hazards.

Common Hotel Injuries

With so much traffic going in and out of hotel lobbies, hallways, and individual rooms, many hazards can unfortunately be overlooked. Some common hotel injuries include:

  • Pool injuries, including drowning
  • Burns from faulty wiring and old or broken appliances
  • Fitness equipment injuries
  • Bed bug infestations and
  • Broken furniture or furniture accessories (ex: large brass door knobs falling on your toe)

All of these injuries could be avoided if hotel management follows through with their duty of care. If you or a family member suffered a hotel personal injury, the hotel could have been negligent and therefore caused the injury itself. They could be found liable for your compensation. Premises liability law can get confusing; so, be sure to call Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys to handle winning compensation for your hotel personal injuries!

Slip and Falls

Perhaps the most common of all personal injuries, slip and falls can happen inside and also outside your hotel. If a pipe bursts, or if management knows that a certain area of sidewalk commonly gathers water and ices up, the hotel must place a sign and/or fix the problem entirely. Slip and falls can lead to traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, concussions and other traumas. If any of these have happened to you, you need your premises liability lawyer.

Hotel Personal Injuries & Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys

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