Rear Ended in LA. Truck Accident – What Are Your Back Injuries Worth?

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Large trucks are common sights on Louisiana’s interstates, and while they safely travel many miles, they can also cause devastating injuries or fatalities. Over 70 people were killed in large trucking accidents in a recent year in the state, and many more were injured, often seriously. A truck’s huge size and substantial weight make it take longer to stop, and when it hits a much smaller vehicle, the results can be devastating. Louisiana truck accident attorneys often see clients who have serious, long-term back injuries as a result of truck accidents.

Common Types of Back Injuries

The following are some common types of back injuries that can result from a truck accident:

    • Spinal cord damage – can affect associated nerves and cause paralysis, although its damage may not be immediately evident.
    • Herniated disc – also called a slipped disc, this injury can cause pain, numbness, or weakness at the injury site as well as in your arm or leg.
    • Pinched nerve – a pinched spinal nerve can cause problems in seemingly unrelated parts of the body, including the hand and fingers. It can also cause sciatica, a painful condition that affects the area from your lower back to your buttocks and continuing down your leg.
  • Complete spinal compression – eliminates the brain’s ability to send signals below the point of injury, resulting in paralysis.

Recovery Time

The amount of time it will take you to recover from your back injury is hard to predict. This type of injury can affect virtually any part of your body, and you may undergo many types of treatment. It can cause many problems that radiate to the rest of your body, even if the injury seemed relatively minor.

Possible Long-term Effects

You may suffer pain, weakness, impaired mobility, or even paralysis as a result of a truck accident. An accident negatively affects our ability to earn a living, take care of your family, and enjoy life. In addition, you may need long-term care or multiple surgeries, and the cost can be exorbitant.

Getting Help from Louisiana Truck Accident Attorneys

The decisions you make after your accident can have a long-term effect on your life. The seriousness of your injury may not be readily apparent. You may also need substantial financial help to help compensate for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Louisiana truck accident attorneys can help you keep good records to prove your case. Don’t settle for less than your case is worth.

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