Why Immediate Medical Care is So Important Following an Accident

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Any reputable New Orleans injury attorney should tell you how important it is to seek medical care immediately following an accident. The most important reason of all is that it helps make sure you are receiving the attention you need to help with your injuries, but there are legal reasons as well. When you seek medical attention, it helps document your injuries, and it relates them to the accident. It also helps make sure you can get insurance benefits to support you as you recover from your injuries.

Documenting Injuries to Receive Insurance Benefits

Recovering from an accident can be expensive. Work with Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys to ensure that you take the proper steps. Sometimes your insurance can help you cover the cost of your medical expenses, or even time you miss from work. Some insurance providers require that you seek medical treatment within a certain amount of time after your accident, or they can deny coverage. Either way, it can look bad to insurance providers if you do not seek medical care quickly, and they can try to avoid paying you for your injury.

When you have thorough medical records from shortly after your accident, you can use them as you apply for your medical claim. The records will reflect that you did receive injuries, validated by medical professionals. These reports will also prove that you are trying your best to receive medical help to recover from the injuries as well as you possibly can.

Document Your Injuries to Support Your Personal Injury Claim

You should seek medical attention as soon as it is safe for you to do so after an accident. It will help you determine the extent of your injuries and figure out what kind of treatment you will need. It will also help your New Orleans injury attorney prove that you did receive serious injuries from the accident. If you do not have medical documentation of your injuries, it will be much harder for your attorney to prove that the accident caused them.

When you seek medical attention, the medical professionals should inspect you for visible signs of harm. This includes cuts, scrapes, bruises and bumps. They should also ask your questions to determine if you are in any other pain. If you are experiencing pain after an accident, and the medical professionals do not ask you about it, make sure you tell them. Sometimes injuries will not be obvious just by looking at the area; so your explanation of what hurts will help document the injuries. If unsure about what you should report, contact Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys today!

Seeking medical attention also helps show that your injuries are serious. If you do not seek medical care, the defendant can try to claim that you were not really hurt. They may also try to say that your injuries were caused by something else, either before or after the accident.

When you document these injuries quickly, it will be easier later for your New Orleans injury attorney to prove that they were directly caused by the accident. If the accident (and injuries) were caused by negligence on the part of another driver, they may be obligated to help pay you for your pain and suffering.

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