The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance in Louisiana

Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer
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Every year, the United States sees thousands of deaths from motorcycle accidents. Since 2004, the number hasn’t gone lower than 4,000 fatalities annually. In Louisiana alone, there have been 94 deaths in relation to motorcycle crashes in 2017 – highlighting the need for a Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer.

You may think wearing helmets is a sufficient precautionary measure, but it isn’t. There’s no denying that helmets can reduce risks of a serious head injury; however, they can’t offer a 100% guarantee. Also, helmet laws are mandatory for minors, not adults. They can’t be enforced on older drivers, so they end up protecting mostly children. This likely explains the fact that 54% of motorcyclists who died in 2015 were aged 40 and above.

The Best Protection

Prevention should still be your main goal, but accidents can happen at any time. If others on the road are reckless, then you can’t be too sure that you’ll be spared from a crash no matter how careful you are. Thus, it’s necessary for you to have motorcycle insurance if you regularly go out on your bike.

Furthermore, motorcycle insurance can cover a lot of subsequent costs after an accident.  Depending on the coverage you choose, your expenses could be covered in these areas.

Medical bills

Your injuries, as well as others’ injuries for a multiple-vehicle crash, will be covered by the insurance. Depending on the injuries you suffer, coverage may not be 100%. However, it can still significantly ease your financial woes while recovering.

Underinsured motorists

If other motorists involved in the accident are at fault and they don’t have adequate insurance to cover your expenses, your insurance may cover them. This also applies to uninsured motorists.

Repair/replacement cost

The expenses related to fixing the damage to your motorcycle will be covered. If it’s unfixable, replacement is covered as well. The damage doesn’t have to be accident-related. Vandalism is addressed by this coverage, as well as theft.

Comprehensive coverage

As mentioned, accidents and theft aren’t the only causes for damage or loss. Another cause of damage could be animals, whether they’re domestic or wild. The weather could be a factor too, like heavy rains or snow.

The Importance of a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle insurance is necessary, but not enough. If you get involved in an accident and it’s not your fault, you may be entitled to a settlement. To get that, you must have a good lawyer fighting for your case.

The liability should be clearly established for the party at fault. Otherwise, you can’t make a claim. Next, the extent of your injuries should be assessed so that you get a fair payout. And of course, your lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies to make them give the highest possible settlement to you.

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