Hurricane Ida’s Impact on New Orleans Business

Hurricane Ida Small Business Insurance Claim

Hurricane Ida was one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit New Orleans. According to the Associated Press (AP), the storm has caused at least $50-billion in damages throughout America, with at least $18-billion of those losses coming from Louisiana. At least 20 Louisianans died because of Hurricane Ida–10 directly from the storm and 10 from complications caused by it. To help you understand the hurricane’s impact on New Orleans and to encourage you to file a small business Hurricane Ida insurance claim, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys takes a look at destruction caused by Hurricane Ida.

Direct Damage Caused by Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida was the fifth-strongest hurricane to hit the mainland United States. It was classified as “category four” and struck New Orleans with winds exceeding 150 miles per hour. The sheer force of the hurricane resulted in billions of dollars in damages to people’s homes and businesses.

Additionally, the hurricane caused severe flooding throughout New Orleans. With a lack of natural barriers and low elevation, New Orleans is particularly susceptible to floods. The rain brought by Hurricane Ida was enough to flood major highways, as well as neighborhood streets.

Between the strong winds and flooding, small businesses in New Orleans suffered severe losses because of Hurricane Ida.

Hurricane Ida Damages After the Storm

Beyond the initial devastation, Hurricane Ida left Louisiana businesses in a highly vulnerable state after it passed. The flooding made it difficult to get basic supplies and maintain inventory, as many roads were blocked by fallen trees and other large debris. Additionally, more than 600,000 people were left without electricity. Although some parishes have had power restored, others will be without power for days or weeks longer.

Some businesses in New Orleans relied on gas generators while electricity was out. Unfortunately, this led to cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, some of which resulted in death. According to the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), there have been 141 emergency room visits and 4 deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning in Louisiana since Hurricane Ida.

With flooded roads, streets obstructed by debris, and large areas without electricity, many New Orleans companies were unable to conduct business.

How Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys sympathizes with the hundreds of small business owners adversely affected by the hurricane and understands how difficult the recovery process after a hurricane can be. If you need help filing a Hurricane Ida small business interruption claim, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys can help you. We also understand that insurance companies will try to take advantage of your sensitive situation and try to fight your claim using deceptive tactics. Let Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys fight back on your behalf so that you can get the money that you deserve.

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