What to Do After a Construction Zone Accident?

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Construction zone accidents are on the rise. In 2013, some 67,500 construction zone accidents occurred – but these statistics actually reflect the lowest number of accidents in recent years. By 2015, that number had gone up to almost 97,000, with more than 26,000 of those causing injury to at least one person. Given this significant increase in accidents, you or a loved one may find yourself the victim of a construction zone accident. New Orleans personal injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

What Causes Construction Zone Accidents?

    • Confusing traffic redirection signs and detours. In many cases, detour signs only add to drivers’ confusion; for example, they may direct drivers to turn left when their normal course of action would be to turn right. This instantaneous switch in direction can cause distraction, and result in an accident.
  • Narrowed or closed off traffic lanes, failure to clearly mark temporary lanes. Construction often requires the closing of one or more traffic lanes that are being worked on. Resulting bottlenecks, inadequately marked temporary lanes, and confusing “merge” signs can cause accidents, especially if drivers can’t slow down quickly enough.
  • Construction obstacles in the roadway. Construction obstacles like equipment or waste can cause accidents when they’re mistakenly left in a driver’s path. As the driver swerves to avoid it, he or she may collide with the object and/or crash with another driver during the process.
  • Construction vehicles with “blind spots.” Construction vehicles are often massive and bulky, with blind spots that block the driver’s vision. If construction vehicle drivers do not carefully and continuously check blind spots, they could fail to see one or more vehicles, causing an accident.
  • Inadequate warnings of dangerous road conditions. Signs in a construction zone should clearly call out dangerous road conditions, like potholes or other hazards. If they fail to, this could result in an unavoidable construction zone accident.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been in a Construction Zone Accident?

  • If you are a construction zone worker. If you are a construction zone worker, you should be able to file for workers’ compensation benefits if your employer is insured. You may also be able to receive compensation through a personal injury claim, filed with the assistance of New Orleans personal injury attorneys.
  • If you are a driver or passenger. Construction zone accidents often place multiple drivers at fault because of chain reaction collisions. The construction company may also be at fault for failure to make road conditions as safe and clear as possible. In a construction zone accident and another driver(s) and/or the construction company are at fault for the accident? Contact New Orleans personal injury attorneys as soon as possible afterward for help with your case.

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