How Can My Attorney Help Me Recognize Bad Faith Insurance Tactics?

bad faith insurance tactics

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Have you been injured in a road accident, slip and fall, or any incident that required you to use insurance and been denied coverage? You could potentially be the victim of bad faith insurance tactics.

If you believe you were subjected to bad faith insurance tactics, seek out legal help. At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, our team does not fear going after insurance companies to fight for any compensation you may deserve. So, don’t wait and give our 24/7 personal injury attorneys a call today!

Bad Faith Insurance Tactics

Wondering what these tactics look like?

Bad faith insurance tactics occur when an insurance company uses unfair or unethical practices. The term “good faith” refers to the appropriate tactics used by insurance. The law requires insurance companies to act in good faith, referring to honesty and also fairness.

Your insurance company should take care of you. Unfortunately, they sometimes forget this priority and operate as a business, one trying to make as much money as possible.


Insurance companies can attempt a lot of dishonest dealings. An experienced attorney can help identify dishonest bad faith practices. The insurance company may:

    • Tell you a settlement amount much too low so they can skim more off the top.
    • Delay proper payment on a claim, which could encourage you to accept that low offer.
    • Deny your claim without good reason.
    • Fail to complete a proper investigation into your claim.
  • Misrepresent the law or also their own policy language.

So, always keep documentation of your interactions with any insurance company’s representatives. This will help your lawyers look back and prove dishonesty within the company.

Rude or Scary Behavior

You will no doubt be sensitive to rude and frightening behavior from anyone. No one ever expects it to come from their insurance company, as they assume they are there to be helpful!

Often, however, bad tactics go as far as intimidating the people who need help the most. Watch out for:

    • Extreme pressure to accept an unfair settlement. This can include trying to convince you that there are no other options, or that their offer is the best deal.
    • Ignoring your phone calls, emails, and also other communications.
  • Language exhibiting threats of harsh legal action or abusive behavior.

If any of these behaviors happen to you, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney who can assist you. Having legal representation can help ensure an insurance company treats you fairly. And, if not, your bad faith insurance lawyers at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you so deserve.

How Can Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys Help Me?

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys handles cases of bad faith insurance tactics all the time. We can help you identify signs of bad and dishonest tactics. We can also assist you with documentation and organization of your evidence.

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