12 Car Accident Facts You Should Know as Louisiana Drivers

car accident facts
The purpose of presenting car accident facts is to raise awareness of how dangerous driving has become.

Getting behind the wheel seems more dangerous with each passing day even though automotive safety technology is improving. Drivers tend to focus on smartphones, music, navigation systems, conversations, and other distractions as opposed to the road. Some drivers are so distracted that they cannot be bothered to fasten their seat belt. It is unnerving to learn the failure to drive with such required equipment is the top cause of deadly car accidents in the Pelican State. Simply donning a seat belt would save the lives of nearly three-quarters of all those who perish in fatal accidents. Let’s take a look at some more interesting car accident facts every Louisiana driver should know.

1. Car Accident Facts Worth Knowing: Most Auto Accidents Occur Near the Driver’s Home

It is quite unsettling to learn the vast majority of auto accidents occur within a couple miles of home. Drivers heading out to the corner store, grocery store, the local park, a friend’s or relative’s place, or another nearby location are not as safe as assumed. Do not fall into the trap of letting your guard down simply because you are driving down a familiar street to the post office, gas station, or other nearby venue. Decreased awareness makes an auto accident that much more likely even if your destination is only a couple miles away.

2. Two times as Many Teen Drivers Are Killed or Injured in Auto Accidents

This is an eye-opening statistic. Youngsters fall more easily to distractions by cell phones, the radio, MP3s, friends in the vehicle, and other stimuli than adult drivers. Adults have years of experience behind the wheel. Furthermore, adults have better impulse control than teens, making the driving experience less risky in all regards.

It is particularly interesting to learn drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 cause one-third of all fatal auto accidents. The next age group of 25-34 account for 29% of such deadly accidents. It is usually safe to assume young drivers are more likely to drive after using alcohol and/or drugs. It is also worth noting that nearly three-quarters of deadly auto accidents in Louisiana involve drivers between the ages of 15 and 20.

3. Speed Is the Cause or Partial Cause of Nearly One-third of All Deadly Accidents

Speed is a major factor in 29% of all deadly auto accidents. If you are traveling on any of Louisiana’s highways, keep your rate of speed in mind. It can be awfully tempting to drive faster than the posted speed limit. However, even driving a few miles per hour faster than the speed limit increases the chances of a speeding ticket as well as a life-changing or life-ending accident. Speeding is not just a problem for highway drivers.  More than one-third of all fatal accidents in which speed was a factor occur on minor roads away from highways.

Louisiana drivers should be especially cognizant of their speed and the speed of other vehicles. Keep in mind our state has all sorts of tourist sites and events that attract people from other states and countries. Out-of-state drivers are usually unaware of Louisiana speed limits and less likely to pay attention to posted signs than residents.

4. Alcohol Is a Factor in More than 30% of all Deadly Auto Accidents

More than 10,000 people die in auto accidents each year in which alcohol was consumed by one of the drivers. These deaths represent nearly one-third of all deadly car accidents per year. If you plan on imbibing alcohol for a Mardi Gras celebration, a New Orleans Saints game, or an LSU sporting event, do everyone a favor by relying on a designated driver, taxi driver, or a ridesharing service.

5. Thousands of Pedestrians Are Killed Each Year in Traffic Accidents

Deaths and injuries are quite common among drivers and passengers. However, pedestrians are at the mercy of motor vehicle operators as well. Nearly 70,000 pedestrians suffer injuries in traffic accidents each year. Further, nearly 5,000 pedestrians perish in auto accidents per year. Pedestrians face elevated risk during periods of intense rain, fog, and other inclement weather.

Raise your level of awareness when operating a motor vehicle during Louisiana’s hurricane season. It could prove awfully difficult to see pedestrians and other vehicles amidst pounding rain. Always turn on your headlights when operating your windshield wipers to ensure maximum visibility.

car accident facts

6. The Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents Might Surprise You – It Is Not Alcohol Impairment

Most people assume alcohol is the top cause of auto accidents. Though alcohol is certainly a factor in plenty of car accidents, the top causes of these unfortunate events are distractions, tired drivers, environmental conditions, and emotional/medical impairment.

7. Talking on the Phone When Driving Increases the Odds of a Collision by 400%

Talk on the phone for a brief moment while operating a moving vehicle and you will put everyone in your vicinity at risk. The data shows speaking on a cell phone while driving boosts the chances of an auto accident by the aforementioned 400%. If you absolutely have to discuss something with a friend or family member while traversing the streets and highways of Louisiana, pull over to the side of the road and complete the phone call before rejoining traffic.

8. Men Are Nearly Two times as Likely to Be Intoxicated in Deadly Auto Accidents

This is quite the interesting statistic. The fact that men who perish in auto accidents are two times as likely to be intoxicated as women who pass away in such accidents is a testament to societal norms. It is a general assumption that men are going to consume more alcohol at celebrations and events like Mardi Gras, New Orleans Pelicans basketball and Saints football game parties.

If you are a man and drink alcohol or if you know men who tend to indulge in alcohol, you should have no shame in requesting a sober driver for a ride home. And ladies, do not assume your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or male friend is invincible simply because of his sex. Grown men tend to put on a brave face, especially after a few drinks. Yet they are just as susceptible to injury and death as everyone else when involved in a violent car accident.

9. The Eyes Are off the Road for an Average of Five Seconds When Texting

Anti-texting signs are popping up in Louisiana and across the United States for good reason: When texting while moving at 55 miles per hour, the eyes are on the phone for an average of five seconds.  It takes merely one second of distraction to cause a deadly accident. If you absolutely have to send a text message or make/receive a phone call, do not attempt to multitask while driving. Pull over, put your car in park and communicate with your digital device while far away from traffic.

10. Auto Accidents Will Be the Fifth Most Common Cause of Death in the next 12 Years

Unless behavior changes or action is taken, auto accident injuries will be a top-5 cause of death within a dozen years. You can do your part to prevent this prediction from becoming reality by driving at a reasonable rate of speed, reducing your speed during hurricane season and other periods of rain, and driving in a defensive manner.

11. Auto Accidents Cost Nearly $300 Billion per Year

All in all, auto accidents have a negative economic impact of $277 billion per year. This figure equates to nearly $900 for each citizen of the United States.

12. Nearly 250 Louisiana Fatal Auto Accidents per Year Are Related to Alcohol Impairment

Louisianans certainly love to party and there is nothing wrong with that! However, alcohol use contributes to 245 deadly auto accidents in Louisiana each year. The drivers in these accidents had a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.8.

Hurt in a Car Wreck? We Can Help

The purpose of presenting the car accident facts detailed above is to raise awareness of how dangerous driving has become. If you are hurt while on the road, you should not have to pay for anything related to the accident unless it was completely your fault. Even if you are partially responsible for the accident, it still might be possible to obtain compensation.

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