Louisiana Defensive Driving Tips

Helpful Defensive Driving Tips

You may have heard of defensive driving courses being court ordered after receiving a traffic citation, or  as a way to reduce car insurance premiums. But understanding defensive driving is important for the safety of all drivers. Defensive driving tips can help you stay safe.

These skills help drivers avoid unnecessary dangers, reduce conflict with other drivers, and keep you and your passengers alive. They can greatly reduce the risk of collisions and keep you out of an accident that would ultimately be another driver’s fault.

Five Defensive Driving Tips that all drivers should use:

  1. Look ahead – And not just directly in front of you. Look as far as the eye can see to spot upcoming roadblocks, other cars, red lights, etc. The rule of thumb is to look 12-15 seconds ahead of you. On city streets, this is about one block. On highways, this is about one-quarter mile.
  2. Have 360 degree awareness – Know where other cars are, both ahead, to the side, and behind you. Having a big picture of the road and the other cars on it helps you react quicker in the event of an emergency or oncoming collision.
  3. Focus on the road – The radio, food, your cell phone, and other passengers can all be a distraction from the road and what is going on outside your car. Both new drivers and experienced drivers fall victim to distracted driving.
  4. Keep a safe distance – A safe distance is typically 2-3 seconds between cars. You can measure this by timing how long it takes you to reach a specific point. For example, count how long it takes to you reach a light or bridge after the car in front of you.
  5. Expect the worst – Do not assume other drivers are safe drivers. Assume a worst case scenario in all situations. You should not depend on another driver to move out of your way, merge properly, allow you to cut in, or not run a red light.


The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles offers information on certified defensive driving courses near you.  A defensive driving course not only provides life-saving skills, but it can possibly reduce your monthly insurance premium. Sometimes, people take defensive driving courses as an alternative to having their license suspended or paying penalties for minor traffic violations. Otherwise, follow these tips, what you learned in your driving courses, and common sense when on the road.

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