10 Tips for Safe Driving During & After Stormy Weather

safe driving tips

During rain, sleet, hail, and other inclement weather, safe driving is challenging. Even if you drive with caution, there is no guarantee those around you will do the same. If your vehicle is struck, let a New Orleans car accident lawyer at our law firm analyze the details of your accident and pursue compensation on your behalf.

How to Avoid the Drama, Pain, and Damage Resulting from a Weather-related Auto Accident

The following are 10 driving tips to help you navigate safely through stormy days in southern Louisiana.

  1. Be Defensive. Do not be the aggressor on the road. Drive with caution, especially when there is inclement weather. Travel below the speed limit while in the right-hand lane to avoid road debris.
  2. Mind Those Windshield Wipers. Wipers must be replaced at least once per year to ensure they function without flaw amidst heavy rain.
  3. Prepare for Emergencies. Put an emergency kit in your trunk just in case you end up stranded. This kit should have first aid supplies, warm clothes, a flashlight and water. If possible, bring extra gas with you.
  4. Watch for Pedestrians. Storms often cause damage to vehicles and roads. As a result, some people will walk along the side of the road.
  5. Drive Around Floodwater. Storms will inevitably cause some standing water or flooding. Do not make the mistake of attempting to drive through floodwater. Even standing water that doesn’t appear to be deep can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  6. Watch for Downed Power Lines. If there are downed power lines ahead, you should drive around them. Such power lines might be electrified even though there aren’t sparks.
  7. Be Careful at Intersections. Some traffic lights go out amidst storms. Don’t assume traffic will automatically proceed as usual at intersections. It is also possible that emergency vehicles will zoom through red lights/stop signs. Raise your level of awareness at these potentially deadly intersections.
  8. Keep the Windows Clear. If your windows fog up, they can reach the point where it is impossible to see. Turn on your vehicle’s defrost system. Put those windshield wipers on high.  
  9. Go Easy on the Brakes. A sudden pressing of the brakes with considerable force can spur a loss of control. Try to brake in a gradual manner.
  10. Turn on Your Radio. You can learn a lot about road closures, alternative routes, and the storm’s path by turning on your radio. If your vehicle doesn’t have a radio or if you can’t get reception, pull over to contact a relative or friend for updates.

Need Legal Help? Call Our New Orleans Car Accident Lawyers!

If your vehicle is struck and you are injured during or after a storm because of negligence, or even during picture perfect conditions, you should not have to bear the burden of the resulting costs. At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, a New Orleans car accident lawyer is here to represent you in a court of law and settlement negotiations to maximize your compensation.

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