Truck Accident Lawyer New Orleans

Truck Accident Lawyer New Orleans

New Orleans truck accident lawyer
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New Orleans Truck Accident Lawyer

If involved in a collision with a commercial truck, the truck company or owner can have liability for the negligent driving of its driver. Larger commercial trucks often times produce serious injuries that require immediate attention. Starting from the arrival of the ambulance at the accident, to transport to a near-by hospital, then and eventual treatment and rehabilitation, the costs of a truck accident can add up quick.

What You Can Expect from our New Orleans Lawyers

To help ensure full compensation for all suffering and expenses, we recommend that you contact the truck accident attorneys of Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys in New Orleans, especially if not covered by a personal health insurance policy. Our accident lawyers can answer questions and concerns regarding your medical treatment and the compensation settlement process. We travel to your home or medical facility when appropriate, in order to create less inconvenience for you during your recovery period. Mike Brandner can help.

Medical Bills

Truck accidents can result in expensive and difficult rehabilitation while being treated for your injuries, including comprehensive medical care, long term rehabilitation, and life altering medical conditions. To establish each party’s liability and calculate a fair compensation, truck accident attorney Mike Brandner employs different investigative services that will document testimony concerning the condition and severity of your injuries.

Things to Consider:

  • Victim out of work for a period of time (or permanently)
  • Ongoing long-term medical costs, like physical therapy
  • Lastly, the primary earner  in a household died, and bills go unpaid

Truck Accident Negotiations

Negotiations between insurance companies, trucking companies, and other parties, are completely handled by Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, so that you can concentrate on recovery during this difficult period. The firm will pursue every legal course of action required to secure your full compensation. Our attorneys fight hard to secure the best possible compensation for all of your medical bills and expenses. They use knowledge of New Orleans truck accident law, and full coverage limits of insurance policies retained from representing many trucking accident victims to competently represent and protect your legal rights.

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys work with investigative resources to obtain facts to support your claims against the negligent parties. Physical evidence and eye witness testimony are also used to accurately assign liability to the appropriate party. Documents and statements proving a history of negligence or dangerous behavior may also support your case.

Events leading to the truck accident that can be support a finding of negligence include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to stop for red lights or also stop signs
  • The operation of a semi truck at unsafe speeds
  • Changing lanes without proper signals
  • Lastly, failure to check blind spots before lane changes and right turns

If you are the victim of a truck accident in New Orleans, contact a New Orleans Truck Accident Lawyer today.


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