Safety Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Riders
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Are you thinking about buying a motorcycle? Then it is important for you to understand the different driving challenges you’ll face on the open road. OurNew Orleans motorcycle accident attorneys have outlined a few safety tips below to help reduce the odds of a devastating crash.

However, if you do endure an accident, please feel free to contact us for assistance navigating the legal maze on your behalf. Doing so will maximize your odds of receiving compensation for your injuries, subsequent medical care and damage to your motorcycle.

New Motorcycle Riders Safety Tips

  • Complete a motorcycle safety course.
  • Always wear protective gear including a helmet and a jacket with heavy duty panels.
  • Leave ample space between yourself and other vehicles.
  • Avoid riding in the rain! Even the most skilled motorcyclists find it difficult to control a motorcycle on wet roads.
  • Wear durable boots/shoes for enhanced protection.
  • Stay focused on the road rather than your phone or bike controls.


Recently, a motorcycle accident left a local man hospitalized with numerous injuries. The victim, a New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) officer, landed 20 feet from his motorcycle after a collision. The crash occurred at the intersection of Calliope and Tchoupitoulas with the motorcycle found on its side in the middle of Calliope St. The bike was positioned immediately in front of a dark-hued Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Motorcycle Accident Details

A NOPD news release states the officer riding his motorcycle while participating in a police department escort training exercise. He proceeded through the intersection of Calliope and Tchoupitoulas where he came into contact with the Jeep Grand Cherokee traveling from the Pontchartrain Expressway off-ramp.

It appears as though this driver failed to allow the motorcyclist to proceed through the intersection while practicing the training exercise. The injured party may soon file a personal injury suit with the assistance of an attorney to obtain compensation for his pain and suffering.

Lastly Damages of the Accident

The police officer got thrown from his bike and subsequently transported to a local hospital. He was treated for injuries to his back and leg. If the motorcyclist’s injuries were to lead to a deadly blood clot or other medical issue that takes his life, it would be prudent for his family to ally with a savvy personal injury attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit.  

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