2 Important Winter Terms to Know (And How They can Ensure your Safety this Winter)

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Know these winter terms for Louisiana. And if you are injured, call Mike Brandner today!

2 Important Winter Terms to Know (And How They can Ensure your Safety this Winter)

Winter time in Louisiana is not normally something that people consider dangerous. However, any situation you are not entirely prepared for can turn into an accident or injury. The Farmer’s Almanac this year predicts that weather in the south will be bitterly cold. So, check out these 2 important winter terms to know as you travel throughout Louisiana. And, if you do suffer an injury this winter, give Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys a call!

Term #1: Black Ice

Louisiana gets a good amount of rain. As winter weather chills the ground and the atmosphere above, watch for black ice. Black ice is one of the most dangerous driving hazards on any road during winter months. The ice is referred to as “black” because its transparency makes it appear as though it is but the concrete underneath it.

Black ice forms on bridges, overpasses, and shady spots of the road. These areas have higher than normal wind chills and lesser access to sunlight. Be aware of this danger by slowing down and watching other driving for unexpected signs of sliding.

Sliding can lead to terrible accidents and injuries. Should an accident happen to you, be sure to document as much as possible with photos, notes, and artifacts. Did someone recklessly speed over obvious black ice and slam into your vehicle? Take note of all these details, and reach out to your personal injury attorney at Mike Brandner today.

Term #2: Hard Freeze

Another winter term to know is “hard freeze”. A hard freeze happens when the temperatures dip below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. This does not often happen in the south. However, when it does, the effects can be devastating. This is especially true for anyone living without a working heater, good insulation, or a home of their own.

It is important to inspect your heaters thoroughly for wear and tear that occured unbeknownst to you during the summer. If your heater ends up sparking a fire or burning you or a family member, you could have a defective product on your hands. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys handle not only road accidents, but also defective products. If this happened to you, give us a call today.

How Does Knowing these Winter Terms Help Me?

Knowing these two important winter terms will keep your prepared in case of an injury. You will know what they mean and what to do in case they happen to you. You now know the risks and the possible injuries that could occur.

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys will fight for the compensation you so deserve after a personal injury. If you were injured on Louisiana roads or by defective products, you could have a case. Find out by calling (504) 345-1111, or visiting us in person.

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