Workers Compensation Lawyer

Workers Compensation Lawyer

workers' compensation
Contact Mike Brandner’s workers’ compensation lawyers for all your work injuries.

More than 20,000 employees are injured in Louisiana each year. Many of them are left wondering how to pay the bills.

You worked hard for your wages and you should not be denied workers’ compensation benefits.

Contact our experienced labor lawyers immediately to discuss your legal rights.

Louisiana Workers’ Comp Laws

Workers in our state are protected by the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act. The act aims to ensure that workers injured on the job get the help they need.

  • The act covers injuries that are mental or physical.
  • Additionally, the on-the-job injury covered if caused by the nature of a specific job.
  • Workers must experience their injuries during the course of their duties.

In exchange for receiving part of their lost earnings and medical expenses, employees in our state waive the right to sue their employer after an injury.

However, unscrupulous employers and their insurance companies routinely deny or lower the workers’ compensation that employees deserve. The largest workers’ compensation insurance company in the state advertises itself to employers by highlighting its tendency to limit settlement amounts.

Injured at work in New Orleans? Make sure you immediately notify your employer. Report every injury as soon as possible. When this happens, the injured worker deserves a knowledgeable and passionate legal advocate. Our lawyers combine decades of experience in the justice system to get you the kinds of results that you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In this state, employees may receive Temporary Total Disability (TTD) or Permanent Total Disability benefits. However, when workers do not get the benefits that they and their family deserve, the consequences can be staggering.

Depending on the severity of the work injury, and the cost of the medical treatment, employers attempt to underpay and undercut benefits hoping that the workers never notice the lack of pay.

Workers’ Comp & Social Security Disability

Some workers who suffer injuries that disable them for more than a year, may be able to pursue Social Security Disability benefits along with workers’ compensation benefits.

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation system presents unique difficulties. Only an experienced workers’ comp lawyer can evaluate the injuries, and file the right paperwork to maximize all of your benefits.

Fighting for Injured Employees Throughout Louisiana

Based in New Orleans, but passionate about the entire state, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys’ extensive legal practice indicates firm’s deep commitment to helping people who have nowhere to turn get answers.

Our results and our client testimonials speak to our commitment to justice.

When injured, you may worry about how to pay your bills. Workers’ compensation benefits should take away that worry.

When the system works well, workers’ compensation benefits provide injured workers with the kind of financial assistance and medical access that they desperately need.

When it does not work well, we invite you to call on us to challenge your employers and their large insurance companies.


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