What is a Defective Medical Product?

defective medical product

If you have suffered an injury due to a defective medical product, call Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys in New Orleans.

Many people report injuries each year due to a defective medical product. While the majority of medical devices work fine, there are a few that are defective due to either poor construction/materials, or improper surgical techniques or procedures. If you have received an injury due to a defective medical product or an improper surgical procedure, time is of the essence. Don’t wait to call your attorney. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Is A Defective Medical Product?

A defective medical device is any piece of medical equipment that does not function properly due to either poor manufacturing practices or materials. Poorly manufactured devices, or those that were made with inferior materials, can cause extensive tissue damage requiring multiple surgeries to ensure the necessary repairs In some cases, the device may not work properly due to the type of procedure used to implant it into your body.

Examples of Defective Medical Devices or Products

A few of the most common defective medical products include:

  • Pacemakers
  • IVC blood clot filters
  • Transvaginal mesh
  • Drug-coated stents
  • Hip, knee, or shoulder joint replacements

          These and other types of devices commonly find themselves reported as defective. If you are going to have a surgical procedure involving one of these devices, make sure your doctor explains all of the risks in great detail so you can make an informed decision.

          What’s Your First Step?

          Once you are aware of a recall on your device, or if you have experienced any type of infection or discomfort, call your doctor immediately. Don’t wait! It’s important to find out the cause of your discomfort as soon as possible. In some cases, the issues caused by a defective medical product may be life-threatening. If you are experiencing extreme pain, a fever, or any other signs of infection go to the emergency room.

          How Can An Attorney Help?

          A personal injury attorney will work to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. If you or your doctor can determine that you are experiencing symptoms from a defective medical device, contact your attorney as soon as possible. He can obtain a copy of your medical records and begin to investigate your claim. Then, he can review your medical history and try to find out as much as possible about the device used during your procedure. He may also investigate the doctor who performed the procedure to make sure he or she was not negligent in any way.

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