MOVE OVER! (And other Traffic Laws in Louisiana you Need to Know)

traffic laws in Louisiana
Mike Brandner is here with traffic laws in Louisiana you need to know.

If you plan on driving in Louisiana as a tourist or as a local, you should adhere to both local and national traffic laws. Tourists, especially, may be unaware of certain regulations that must be followed in Louisiana. In fact, not following these laws could result in serious personal injury.

Don’t panic, though.

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys has compiled a list of traffic laws in Louisiana that you need to know.

The Move Over Rule

Louisiana has a move over rule. Essentially, the rule instructs drivers how to act upon approaching an emergency vehicle. If the emergency vehicle is stationary and using visual/audible emergency signals, drivers must give the parked vehicle the right of way and make a lane change if possible. If a lane change is not possible, they must drive at a reduced and reasonably safe speed.

EXPERT TIP 1: Always drive defensively! Road rage and aggressive driving are crimes in Louisiana, so let those angry drivers pass you by, and don’t let your emotions rule over your driving decisions.

For non-stationary emergency vehicles, drivers should yield the right of way to the emergency vehicles and, if possible, make a lane change and get as far to the right as possible. They should then slow down and stop, if possible, until the vehicle has passed or unless otherwise instructed by emergency personnel.

Phone Calls and Text Messaging

In Louisiana, drivers under age 17 may not use a cell phone or other wireless device while driving except for emergency purposes. Additionally, texting is banned for drivers of all ages, except for emergency purposes. Drivers getting their first driver’s license in Louisiana may also not use a cellular device while driving for one year.

An exception to these rules include making an emergency phone call or text message to a public safety entity while parked or in accordance with an official and emergency personnel duty. Violating this law could result in a fine, and if you’re in an accident at the time of the violation, your fine could double.

EXPERT TIP 2: If you are unsure if your cell phone use is legal, simply don’t use your phone or pull over to the side of the road and park. Always stay safe while on the road!

Motorcycle and Bicycle Laws

In Louisiana, motorcycle drivers must wear a helmet with proper lining, padding, and a visor. The helmet must also fit properly and have a secure, well-fitting chin strap. This law applies to motorcycles as well as motorized bicycles or other motor-driven cycles.

EXPERT TIP 3: Motorcyclists, while not required to, can take safety courses to sharpen their skills and increase their knowledge about proper motorcycle driving techniques.

As for bicyclists, no mandatory bicycle helmet rule exists. One exception to this? If a rider or passenger is under 12 years old. Additionally, if you have a child that weighs less than 40 pounds or is less than 40 inches in height, they must use a restraining seat and ride as a passenger.

Driving Under the Influence

In Louisiana, all drivers that operate a vehicle on public highways automatically consent to having their breath, blood, and urine tested for the presence of alcohol or other controlled substance if they are arrested for an offense related to the suspicion that they operated a vehicle while under the influence.

The BAC limit in Louisiana is .08% for drivers age 21 or older, and .02% for drivers younger than age 21.

Refusing to consent to such tests after an arrest for offenses relating to driving under the influence is itself a crime with penalties equal to those of driving while intoxicated.

EXPERT TIP 4: You should never drive while intoxicated! Even a small amount of alcohol can distort your judgment. Instead, have someone take you home, or ride with an Uber or taxi.

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