Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding at Night

New Orleans motorcycle accident
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Too many motorcyclists assume they are easier to see at night since they have their lights shining bright. However, the use of headlights does not make driving a motorcycle at night safer or easier. On the contrary, riding a motorcycle at night is quite dangerous.

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Responsibility of Motorists

Nightfall brings limited visibility that should make motorcycle riders and other motorists much more cautious. Unfortunately, some drivers refuse to follow best practices. Here are a few night-driving tips for vehicle drivers:

  1. Slow your rate of speed.
  2. Be mindful of others’ actions on the road.
  3. Make reasonable, not erratic, decisions.

Above all, keep an eye out for motorcycles when you would least expect them. When drivers work to stop motorcycle crashes, fewer will happen.

Be Hyper-Aware of the Dangers Lurking at Night

As a motorcycle rider, you have much more to consider. Keep the following tips in mind as you drive in the dark.

Drunk Drivers

Be particularly cognizant of drunk drivers after dark. Nearly one-half of all deadly accidents involving alcohol and motorcycles occurred between 9:00 p.m. and at 3:00 a.m.

Road Hazards

Be mindful of the condition of the road and its hazards. Everything from potholes to dead animals in the road, debris, gravel, and wet spots are direct threats to your well-being as a motorcyclist. If you do move to the side to avoid a hazard, remain alert as your new path of travel might steer you toward yet another hazard hidden in the darkness.

Where to Look

When riding at night, do not stare directly into the oncoming headlights or any other sources of illumination. Look straight ahead toward your direction of travel. If you struggle with the reflection of nighttime lights, look to the right line along the road edge. Never look down while riding your motorcycle.

New Orleans motorcycle accident

Remain Illuminated

Do your best to have proper light for optimal visibility. A correctly positioned light makes it easier to see potholes, gravel, debris, etc. It could also help to upgrade your bike’s headlights to HID lighting or simply add brighter bulbs to optimize visibility.

Slow Down

The best way to prevent a nighttime motorcycle accident is to decrease your rate of speed. Slowing down really does help to compensate for the reduction in visibility when night falls. Reduce your speed and you will have much more time to react to hazards that are difficult to see in the black of night.

Mind Your Visor

Keep a microfiber cloth and wet wipes on-hand so you can clean your motorcycle helmet visor at any point. It is imperative your visor remains clean so you can see with clarity once the sun sets and the black of night settles. If you are in a particularly dark area and no cars are approaching from the opposing lanes, go ahead and turn on your high beams to maximize nighttime visibility.

Ride Strategically

There is no shame in dreading those particularly challenging portions of the road. However, it may not always be the best idea to take an alternate route to avoid these difficult sections of your trip.

Instead, be strategic when approaching challenging portions of your ride. Follow behind another vehicle using their lights to illuminate the road ahead. This added illumination can make it a bit easier to see with clarity on those dangerous winding roads.

Wear Reflective Gear

Don some reflective gear and other drivers will see you from all angles. Wearing a reflective safety vest can prove especially helpful. Keep such a vest on-hand so you will be able to toss it on over your bike gear in the evenings. A reflective safety vest will also come in handy if there is an accident or you have a mechanical failure and end up stranded roadside.

New Orleans motorcycle accident

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