RoundUp May be Hurting More than Your Weeds

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If you suspect harm has come to you in any way after using or exposure to RoundUp, contact our RoundUp attorney at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys right away.

RoundUp has quickly developed quite the negative reputation for harming the mind and body. Even though the weed killer might help you get rid of your weeds, it can also harm you and your loved ones. If you or anyone you love repeatedly used RoundUp in the past and then experienced severe health ramifications, you need the assistance of a RoundUp attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for this harm.

RoundUp and Human Health

Studies show RoundUp has the potential to harm anyone who comes into prolonged contact with it.

Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer seems to destroy weeds fairly well, yet its impact on your health is not worth the risk. Scientists have determined RoundUp has an array of negative health consequences. Making matters worse is the fact that Monsanto may have falsified information about RoundUp’s safety. The company marketed this product to consumers, as well as those in charge of parks departments, as a green, environmentally friendly weed killer that is fully biodegradable.

Marketing and ads encouraged buyers to use RoundUp on lawns, home gardens, playgrounds, schoolyards, golf courses, and other spaces. However, the motivation for such extensive use was primarily attributable to Monsanto’s false advertising. It is time for Monsanto to pay the price for the harm caused by its RoundUp product.

How RoundUp can Ruin the Human Mind and Body

RoundUp exposure has the potential to cause a myriad of health problems. Your mental and physical health are at risk when exposed to RoundUp. RoundUp exposure causes similar oxidative stress along with neural cell death that occurs in patients plagued by Alzheimer’s disease.

RoundUp also has a strong correlation to ADHD. This is likely attributable to the fact that RoundUp’s glyphosate has the potential to disturb the thyroid’s functionality. Glyphosate also has additional effects on human biologies, many of which align with autistic pathologies. As an example, the gut dysbiosis in autistic kids has the capacity to increase the accumulation of aluminum in the brain. Experts suspect an abundance of aluminum is a primary cause of autism.

RoundUp also has the potential to disturb the Vitamin A pathway essential for regular fetal development. For example, the offspring of women living near fields sprayed with glyphosate were two times as likely to reproduce children with birth defects.


Surveys conducted of the 65,000+ people in Argentinian farming communities that used RoundUp show cancer rates 2-4 times higher than the rest of the nation. Cancer was especially common in the lungs, breasts and prostate.


If you or a family member feel or have felt depressed, it could be the result of RoundUp exposure. The glyphosate in RoundUp disturbs chemical processes that alter serotonin production. This neurotransmitter is essential for the regulation of sleep, mood, and appetite.


Researchers surveyed the same farming communities referenced above regarding thyroid health. Their rate of hypothyroidism proved higher than others who reside in areas where RoundUp was not used.

Heart Disease

RoundUp’s glyphosate may also disturb the body’s natural enzymes, causing lysosomal dysfunction. This dysfunction has the potential to cause cardiovascular disease and/or heart failure.

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