Mom Hero Tips to Avoid Common Household Hazards

Tips for Mom
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As Mother’s Day approaches, the New Orleans personal injury lawyers at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys appreciate and celebrate all moms do to keep their children safe and injury-free.

The following are a few mom inspired tips to keep your household and kids as safe as possible:

Keep Hazardous Materials Out of Reach

From laundry detergent pods to cleaners to medication, young kids ingest hazardous household items far too often. Store any potentially toxic substances safely behind secured latched or locked cabinets.

Secure Any Guns in the Household

If you choose to own a gun, store it unloaded and away from children. Even when children are instructed about the dangers of guns, they may be tempted to “play” with them, often with tragic results. And if your child is spending time at a friend’s house, ask if they own any guns, and if so, how they’re secured.

Make Your Pool Safer

As the weather gets warmer, pools often become a family’s go-to spot during the summer. If you own a pool, secure it with a four-foot high fence or barrier with a gate that closes and latches automatically. Also consider installing a pool alarm that will go off in case anyone gets in the pool. When in the pool, supervise them at all times, and enroll them in age-appropriate swim lessons.

Adjust Your Hot Water Temperature

Children receive burns from hot water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends lowering your hot water heater temperature settings to 120 degrees, and you should also test your child’s bath water temperature with your hand or elbow before putting him or her into the water.

Guard Against Accidental Falls

Install safety gates to block a toddler’s access to a staircase, and keep windows locked. Upper-story windows should have window guards, which only allow windows to open a few inches but also have quick-release mechanisms in case of fire.

Keep Kids Safe Around the Family’s Pet

A pet can bring a lot of joy to a family with children, but bites unfortunately occur in some households. As a mom, you know young children need supervision around animals. Kids should also learn to never bother a pet while it’s eating. Lastly, spay or neuter your pet.  This decreases aggression. Never let any member of the family wrestle or play roughly with an animal.

Getting Help From New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyers

No matter how careful you are in your own home, accidents can unfortunately still happen when your child is in someone else’s care. If this happens, call the experienced New Orleans personal injury lawyers at (504) 345-1111 for advice. Our office hours range from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., but we’re also available 24/7 to take your call. Contact us today.