New Orleans Building Collapse Accidents and Injury Lawyers

New Orleans Building Collapse Accidents and Injury Lawyers

New Orleans Construction Accidents
If you or a family member were injured or died in a construction accident, call Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys.

New Orleans is a city in constant motion. Nothing reflects this more than the number of tourists who visit the city to the numerous activities planned for the enjoyment of locals throughout the year. New construction sites popping up all around the city are another sign of a change of landscape. These new buildings have the potential to bring job opportunities, increase of economic revenue, and increase of accident and injuries. 

If a New Orleans building collapse accident does happen, construction workers, buildings nearby, and other entities and individuals may suffer harm, life-changing injuries and damages, and sadly—wrongful death. As a NOLA native and survivor of Hurricane Katrina, attorney Mike Brandner fiercely leads his legal team in providing superior assistance to construction accident victims. Please contact Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys today if you or a family member were a victim of a construction accident in New Orleans. The call is free, the consultation is free, and you pay no fee unless compensation is won on your behalf.       

What Are Construction Accidents

New Orleans construction accidents can range from injured workers and innocent bystanders to  property damage. As a majority of construction accidents happen within a confined space, individuals walking or driving by are not often harmed. However, there is always the potential for injury if a large construction crane or building project falls outside established boundaries.  

An example of such a construction project gone tragically wrong is the partial collapse of the developing 350-room Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that occurred just steps away from the French Quarter. At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, our legal team is gravely saddened by the loss of life and injuries of the workers that resulted from this tragic accident. Additionally, we appreciate the fact that no cars or pedestrians near the construction accident suffered direct damages or injuries from falling debris.   

Common Causes of Construction & Building Collapse Accidents in New Orleans

Causes of New Orleans construction accidents vary and may be the result of not properly factoring in ground sediment, substandard building materials, inexperienced construction workers, unsafe shortcuts, and mismanagement of the construction site just to name a few.  

Who Is Liable in a Building Collapse Accident

Determining the negligent and liable parties after a building collapse accident can be a complex process. The reason being that any given construction project has layers of entities that are directly and indirectly involved. These entities range from the owner and developer of the site—to the person who reviewed and approved the project plans—to the on-site inspector—to the material suppliers—and, the site manager and labor crew.

Further, sifting through all the accident documentation and investigations takes time. Time that injury victims and survivors often find overly long and stressful because of piling expenses, emotional trauma and loss, and life-changing injuries, or worst case scenario—wrongful death.   

Construction Accident and Injury Compensation for Victims 

Once fault has been determined, a lawyer can file a claim on behalf of the victim of a construction accident and/or any survivors. Factors that a lawyer often considers when determining a dollar amount may include: severity and degree of personal injuries, age and health of the deceased or injured, past wage history, earning capacity, age and income of heirs, and life expectancy.

Examples of settlements sought in a catastrophic 1980’s U.S. construction accident include:

  • Injury victims to receive compensation to cover present and future medical expenses, adaptive equipment and remodeling, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Widows to receive income from annuities until they are 62 to 65 years old, when they will be eligible for Social Security.
  • Children of any deceased worker to receive a weekly income until they are 30 years old and money for college if they choose to go. 

Why Contact a New Orleans Construction Accident Lawyer  

No amount of money can make up for the loss of a limb, physical ability, mental stability, or life of a loved one. The point of seeking compensation after a construction accident is to help offset the added pressure of covering lost wages, loss of daily support and assistance, need for long-term care, therapy, and adaptations, and unforeseen funeral expenses. 

If you or a family member suffered a serious injury or loss of life after a New Orleans building collapse/construction accident, please contact Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys for a free, no obligation consultation. Our award-winning* 24/7 personal injury lawyers are available day or night. Call us at 504-345-1111, submit your details through a convenient online form, or connect with a LiveChat representative now. We are here to listen and offer help when you need it most!    

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