Xarelto Class Action Lawsuit
Veterans who served between 2003 to 2015, used 3M military issued earplugs and suffered hearing loss or tinnitus may be entitled to money damages.
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Xarelto Class Action Lawsuit

Xarelto® Blood Thinning Drug

Xarelto blood thinner lawyers

Xarelto Class Action Suits

New evidence shows the side effects of Xarelto® (rivaroxaban) may lead to brain bleeds, blood clots, heart attacks or strokes that are serious, disabling or fatal.

Doctors typically prescribe Xarelto for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. However, many risks present when taking Xarelto. The dangers associated with taking Xarelto (even as prescribed) is that it prevents blood clots; which means that minor or even severe cuts will continue to bleed. Therefore, if someone bleeds from an ulcer in the stomach or cut to the femoral artery, the blood flow will never stop and the person can bleed to death.

These side affects can force people to stop taking them. However, suddenly not taking the medication can cause severe blood clotting episodes such as strokes, heart attacks, or even death.

Suffered a serious side effect that may include a hemorrhage or stroke while taking this medication?

Victims of Xarelto’s life-threatening side effects have begun to file claims against Bayer, the manufacturer of this anticoagulant medication. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys is now investigating additional claims of injury or death linked to this dangerous drug.

Dangers and Symptoms

The two main potentially life-threatening factors that have been associated with taking Xarelto include important things to note.

The first: the drug manufacturers not properly sharing the potentially serious health risks; while marketing it as a lifestyle friendly drug that does not require regular follow-up doctor visits and blood monitoring.

Second: Once a severe internal bleeding episode begins, doctors do not have an antidote to reverse the severe side effects. Due to the relaxed blood monitoring and office visits, the potential health risks of Xarelto are even higher among patients with poor kidney function.

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