Courtney Hill Discovers She’s Expecting Triplets After Her Husband’s Death

Trucking accidents account for a large amount of injuries and deaths in the US each year. Courtney Hill learned that the hard way. Trucking companies pay big money to insurance companies to protect themselves and many times will take advantage of a victims lack of knowledge in accident law, and offer a lowball settlement to close the case. This can leave loved ones with past due bills, medical bills, and worse.

Such is the account of a woman who’s husband died in a truck accident, and found out she is pregnant with triplets.

It’s not often you come across a story where a person is expected to feel joy and pain at the same time. But, that’s a reality for Courtney Hill who spoke to CBS2’s Brad Edwards about unexpected news that’s changed her life forever.

Courtney Hill

Courtney’s husband, Brian, passed away on February 2 from a trucking accident in Oklahoma. Just before the 40-year-old Navy veteran’s passing, the couple had been trying to have a baby. Courtney discovered she was indeed pregnant on the day of Brian’s wake. There, she held her late husband’s hand and told him the news.

Just two weeks ago, Courtney found out some more life-changing news: She is expecting triplets!

Although she will have to raise the children on her own, Courtney told the news station, “I’m excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him.”

Courtney’s dad Oscar Blomgren, who has been by her side through it all, said he wishes Brian could be here to see them.

“Hard to be without him and it’s hard when I see my daughter,” he said. “I just feel sorry Brian that won’t be able to see ‘em. I guess maybe he will see ‘em.”

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