5 Tips to Keep You Safe on Louisiana Roads

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As you travel throughout Louisiana this winter, you no doubt will think about possible negative road situations. From unexpected weather situations to possible car accident injuries, a lot can happen when you aren’t prepared.

Keep yourself and your family safe by knowing what to do in dangerous winter weather, or while stuck in a hazardous car accident situation. Injuries happen on Louisiana roads each and every day. If one of those injuries happens to you, call Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys. Our legal team is ready to help you out.

What to Expect While Traveling

Before you hit the road, plan ahead. This includes looking at the weather forecast. If you are only driving an hour or so, you may not think this is very important. However, you would be wrong! If you don’t know what weather is coming for your drive home, you may not be prepared. See below for some interesting conditions that could create crazy driving conditions.

  • Freezing rain begins in the clouds, lands, and coats the ground with ice. This ice sometimes lands on roadways.
  • Sleet also poses an icy road risk. Rain freezes into ice pellets as it falls, creating thicker, slippery ice and snow conditions.
  • Frostbite happens to the skin when conditions are too cold for the body. Part of the body freezes, which can cause severe injury.

You may wonder, “What can I do to keep myself safe from these things?” We have the answers for you below. And if you still are injured this winter, call your car accident injuries attorneys today.

What to Do to Keep You Safe from Car Accident Injuries

When it comes to driving in the winter, it is important to follow safe driving procedures. Many do not think of safety precautions they can take beyond driving carefully. We compiled this list that includes handy driving tips PLUS additional travel safety tips.

  1. If your vehicle enters icy conditions, slow down.
  2. Leave a good amount of space between vehicles around you.
  3. Plan an escape route. Think of where you would direct your vehicle if something dangerous happened in your path.
  4. Do not over correct. If you begin to slide, slow down and ease your way back where you need to go.
  5. Travel with an emergency kit. Some items to include are extra winter clothing, blankets, a candle, granola bars, water bottles, and a first aid kit. These can help your family in case of a break down in the middle of nowhere.

Following these tips will certainly make your winter travelling easier. However, if you suffer from car accident injuries regardless, call our legal team.

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