Stay Safe in New Orleans this Labor Day

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Labor Day is one of the most dangerous days of the whole year to be on the roads. Accident lawyers in New Orleans notice that there are a lot of accidents over this weekend because of all the activities around the city. Know what to look out for so you can stay safe and avoid accidents this Labor Day weekend.

Drinking and Driving

Unfortunately, all the celebrations and fun activities on Labor Day weekend usually lead to an increased amount of drinking and driving. Always designate a sober driver before you go out. Or, get a ride from a professional service like Uber, Lyft, or taxis. The risks associated with driving drunk are never worth it. When you drive under the influence, you are opening yourself up to legal trouble as well as putting yourself and others in danger.

Even if you are behaving responsibly, you should be extra careful, because other drivers around you may be driving while intoxicated. If another driver hits you, pay close attention to their behavior to determine if you think they may have been drinking. You should always call the police to the scene of an accident. This is especially helpful if you suspect the other driver to be under the influence.

The police can help prove that the other driver caused the accident because they were drinking. If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident, contact accident lawyers in New Orleans. If another driver causes your accident, you may be able to pursue compensation for costs including damage to your car as well as your medical bills.

Boating and Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Labor day celebrations can be a blast, but they can also become dangerous if people are negligent. Labor day is a great time to go boating, but this can also lead to an increase in accidents on the water. Be careful while you are out on the water, and remember that drinking and boating is just as bad and dangerous as drinking and driving. Do not engage in any risky or reckless behavior like boating too fast or getting too close to other vessels.

The same is true for recreational vehicles on land. Inexperienced drivers often try to ride motorcycles or ATVs over Labor Day weekend. This can be dangerous both to themselves and to the people around them. Riding bicycles can be a pleasant Labor Day activity, but it can also leave the rider vulnerable, especially when riding on or near a road.

Accidents From Labor Day Celebrations

Other Labor Day celebrations can cause accidents too. Grills and bonfires can lead to fires, burns, and smoke damage. A number of individuals suffer injuries playing recreational sports like flag football or soccer over labor day weekend. Some people like to shoot off fireworks on Labor Day. This can be especially dangerous when alcohol is involved.

If you suffer injury due to another person’s Labor Day celebrations become reckless or negligent, you are not alone. Skilled accident lawyers in New Orleans can help you receive financial assistance as you deal with your medical expenses and damaged property.

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