Useful Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media After Your Accident

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Car accidents can be big events in your life. That can make it tempting at times to share the news on social media. Before you start posting updates about your wreck, consult an accident lawyer in New Orleans to make sure you are not hurting your case. There are several social media mistakes people make after an accident that hurt their chances of receiving compensation.

Do Not Post Pictures Right After Your Accident

Even if you are only trying to share a life update with your friends and family, opposing legal council, and even insurance companies, may be watching. If they see a picture where you appear to be in good health and good spirits after a wreck, they may try to use that to say you were not harmed. They may also get the impression that the damage to your property was not as bad as it really was. The best course of action is to let your accident lawyer in New Orleans present the evidence for you.

Do Not Assume Your Social Media Is Private

Social media is not as secret as many people think it is. Even if you have good security settings on your account, some of your posts may be visible to people who you do not know. Some opposing lawyers and insurance companies are good at finding things you try to hide on social media. So, the best thing is to not post anything you would not want them to see.

Do Not Go On Long Angry Rants

Getting into an accident can be extremely stressful. Sometimes people like to blow off a little bit of steam by going on social media and posting a long update. Resist this temptation if at all possible. Even if your anger is justified, an opposing attorney or insurance company representative may try to twist your words. Let your accident lawyer in New Orleans do the talking for you. They will work to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. An angry outburst on social media can make you look as if you have a short temper. A lawyer or insurance representative may try to argue that you do not deserve compensation because of this.

Do Not Do Anything That Could Make People Think You Use Your Phone While Driving

If you have a history of making social media updates while you drive, some opposing lawyers or insurance companies can try to use this against you. They may try to claim that you are an unsafe driver because you use your smartphone while operating your car. Even if you were not on your phone at the time of the accident, your insurance company may try to say your past behavior establishes a trend. Get in the habit of putting your phone aside while you drive. It will be easier for you to receive the compensation you deserve if you ever get into a wreck in the future.

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