Snowbird Migration Sees Increase in Car Accidents

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As the snowbird migration begins, the number of car accidents is going to increase. That is just a fact of life living in Louisiana these days. More and more Northerners are flocking south to escape the cold winter winds. And more and more of them are finding their way to Louisiana due to lower real estate prices as well as easy access to the Gulf. Unfortunately, our car accident attorneys in Louisiana have noticed a spike in car accidents that correlates with this seasonal increase of elderly drivers.

Tips for Safely Navigating the Snowbird Migration

Here are some tips you can use to get through the snowbird migration with as little fuss as possible.

  • Stay calm. It is very easy to get frustrated in traffic, especially when someone from out of town is not following the normal rules of the road. But, don’t let the frustration turn into anger. Instead, turn on some music and try to relax. Focus on getting to your destination safely.
  • Stay off the cell phone. Even in stopped traffic, you need to pay attention to what is going on around you. You don’t find yourself part of the problem instead of the solution.
  • Talk with teenage drivers about the increase in traffic. Younger, more inexperienced drivers can get very frustrated in traffic and make dumb moves. Caution your teen drivers about the increases in traffic and give them tips on how to survive the snowbird influx.
  • Find a new route. Snowbirds are going to stick to the main roads. If you can find an alternative route, that will get you to your destination without those main roads, take it.
  • Drive the speed limit. You need to have time to respond when someone switches lanes quickly or hits the brakes unexpectedly. Driving the speed limit, or less, can give you those precious seconds to avoid an accident.
  • Give yourself time to get to your destination. Leaving at the last minute is going to make you late if you get caught in snowbird traffic, according to car accident attorneys in Louisiana. Add in some extra time when hitting the roads. It will help keep your frustration to a minimum and allow you to get there on time.
  • Don’t tailgate. If the person ahead slams on the brakes, you won’t have enough time to respond.  It’s just not worth it.

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These tips will help you get through snowbird season and avoid a car accident. If, however, you find yourself in an accident with a snowbird in Louisiana, take preventative measures. First, contact medical personnel. Then, consider calling a local car accident attorney to talk about your options.

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