Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence

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Nursing home abuse is much more common than most assume. Some Louisiana nursing homes are particularly dangerous places. Louisiana ranks as the second worst in the country when it comes to nursing home quality care. A mere eight percent of those working in Louisiana nursing homes have earned the title of Registered Nurse or higher. Seniors in our nursing homes receive about half an hour of nursing care each day. A whopping 14 percent of our state’s nursing homes are deficient in important ways. If a loved one or friend in a nursing home has beenharmed through abuse or neglect, reach out to our New Orleans nursing home abuse attorneys today.

What to Look For

Nursing homes seem like peaceful places yet staff members might be absolute monsters once the doors close. Do not assume your relative will speak up if harmed while residing in a nursing home. Many fear repercussions. Some are unable to communicate their complaints in a coherent manner. Look for the following signs of abuse:

    • Bruising: If the senior has any odd-looking bruises, it is a clue that a staff member is abusing him.
    • Falls and Broken Bones: If the senior in your life endures a fall or broken bones that are not explained in-depth by the nursing home employees, keep digging. The lack of an explanation is a red flag for abuse.
    • Unusual Weight Loss: Though some seniors drop weight fairly rapidly, weight loss that does not correspond to an illness or a willingness to eat less is cause for concern. Your loved one might be the victim of neglect. They should eat three square meals per day and nothing less.
    • Wounds: If you spot wounds or open sores on your loved one’s skin, it is a sign he might have been abused by the nursing home staff.
    • Pressure Sores: If the senior in your life can’t turn himself over to relieve pressure and the pain continues to worsen, it is cause for concern. Nursing home employees must help patients turn over and move with regularity to ward off pressure sores.
  • Deterioration of the Mind or Skin: A deterioration of skin and mental faculties is a clue that your loved one is either dehydrated or malnourished. The senior in your life deserves care. Also, other signs of dehydration include kidney failure and rapid weight loss.

New Orleans Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The senior in your life should not endure nursing home abuse or neglect. Our New Orleans nursing home abuse attorneys can help put a stop to the abuse/neglect and obtain compensation for pain, suffering and injuries. If the senior in your life gets harmed while in a nursing home, contact us today at (504) 345-1111. Our office hours: 8-5. We take your call 24/7.Our website also features a handy Live Chat function for easy interaction with our friendly staff. Don’t hesitate. We look forward to hearing from you and even helping you with your case.