Safe Trucking Tips to Help Prevent Accidents & Injuries on Louisiana Roads

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With Truck Appreciation Week falling on September 10-16, it’s the perfect time to emphasize the importance of sharing the road safely with big trucks. Since they’re so much larger than regular passenger vehicles, a collision with a large truck can be devastating.

To help protect you, theLouisiana truck accidents attorneys at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys offer the following tips for safely navigating the roads alongside trucks:

Watch Out for Their Blind Spots

Large trucks have blind spots all around them, and you should avoid being in one of these areas. If your car is in a truck’s blind spot, its driver won’t be able to see your much smaller vehicle. A good rule to follow is that if you can’t see the driver’s face in the side mirror, he or she probably can’t see you.

Follow at a Safe Distance

Since a truck is a very large, heavy vehicle, it takes a much longer distance to stop than a car. Always follow at least four seconds behind a truck so you can stop. Especially in case the driver has to stop suddenly. This is especially true in wet weather, since a truck can spray or splash up water or mud onto your windshield, temporarily impairing your vision.

Don’t cut them off

If you try to maneuver into a small gap in traffic ahead of truck and then brake, you could be setting yourself up for a potentially deadly accident. Trucks take much longer to stop safety, so if you’re moving in front of them, make sure you have plenty of room to safely do so.

Allow Room for Truckers to Change Lanes

It can be difficult for a to change lanes. So, if a truck driver has their turn signal on, leave room for them to change lanes. If there’s an available lane to your left, move over if you can.

Leave Them Enough Space to Turn

A truck needs a lot of room to turn. Never try to pass them while they’re turning or try to squeeze in between the truck and a curb. You’ll be putting yourself, any passengers riding with you, and the truck driver in danger.

Allow Some Leeway on a Hill

A truck driver with a large vehicle and load will probably slow down when going uphill. Give the truck some leeway, and don’t be eager to pass if there’s not room to safely do so.

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