Post Injury Weight Loss Program Tips for 2019

post injury weight loss program
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2018 is over, which means that you either conquered this year’s resolutions or something got in your way. Maybe you didn’t even set resolutions on New Year’s Eve 2017, and 2018 hit you hard regardless. No need to set your goals low for 2019 just because of an injury. Check out these post injury weight loss program tips.


Understandably, injuries come with a lot of negative thinking. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Remember to always think positively when going through recovery. Moving your shoulder will not always feel this way. Sitting up will not always take so much out of you. There is absolutely no shame in what your body can do after what it has been through. Thinking positively can get you through many setbacks your injury may have in store for you.


You may also want to consider setting an easy to follow diet plan as you recover. To do this, track your activity level and calorie consumption for one week. Try to seek out anything that could be eliminated or switched for a healthier choice. Ask your doctor what kind of supplements might help your body heal faster. So, consider adding these to your diet.

Correct Form

If your injury requires physical therapy, be sure you use correct form in all your exercises. Especially for athletes, this can feel very slow, easy and boring. However, the muscles around your injury need to relearn how to handle work loads. Pay attention to how your knee bends now. Notice how your ankle shakes when you go up stairs. Take the time to retrain your body to handle situations it is no longer used to.

Don’t Push Too Hard

Post injury weight loss programs may set you on a path to nowhere. Don’t think your body can handle what it could handle before your injury. Start off slow, and set realistic goals. Tie in positivity- if you can’t reach the goal you set, lower it. Your body is telling you what it needs. Pay attention to it.

Pain and Active Recovery

Injury recovery almost always involves some kind of pain. Don’t use this as an excuse to lose your momentum. There is good pain and bad. For instance, someone recovering from knee surgery may feel a lot of pain in their quad muscles. This is usually normal, as this pain means that the muscle is being rebuilt as it tries to track the kneecap. However, if you are feeling unbearable pain inside the knee, you probably have too heavy a workload applied.


Above all, consult your doctor and keep in contact with him or her. They will give you the right exercises for your body and your injury. Doctors will also help you stay within a healthy weight. They are the experts and they want to help.

Looking for more post injury weight loss tips?

See below for a handy quick reference guide with more information. Again, always consult your doctor before trying a weight loss program, especially after an injury. If someone else was liable for your injury, reach out to Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys. Your consultation is free and we are ready to assist you. So, call us today at   (504) 345-1111.

post injury weight loss
Post injury weight loss program tips