Pedestrian Death in Mandeville

New Orleans, LA (January 8, 2019)- Pedestrian Gregory Discon, 52, was killed after returning to retrieve belongings from a different crash that occurred earlier that day.

Both accidents occurred at the same intersection, in East Causeway Approach and Kleber Street. Early that morning, Discon was in a single vehicle accident here. The accident happened as he swerved to avoid hitting a dog, and instead struck a street sign. He needed a tow truck to assist him with his vehicle.

Afterwards, Discon realized he had left some belongings on the top of his car. The belongings had blown into the street. So, his brother picked him up and drove him to the scene, where he left the vehicle to later retrieve his things.

While standing in the lane of travel, a 2014 white Mercedes struck him from behind, killing him instantly.

This pedestrian crash remains an open investigation.