Officer Arrested After High-Speed Chase Ends in Fiery Crash

New Orleans, LA, (November 26, 2018)- A 22-year New Orleans Police Officer veteran in a red Dodge Avenger led authorities on an 18 mile chase with a 15-year-old minor in tow. The chase reached speeds of over 110 mph. It ended in a fiery crash caused by spike strips.

The police arrested the 53-year-old male after he received treatment for his injuries. However, authorities released him after he posted bail. Both he and the New Orleans Police Superintendent were suspended after the incident.

According to authorities, they received a call about the driver around midnight. He caused a disturbance at a pharmacy because they refused to sell him alcohol. Following this call, they received another about a car fitting his description swerving on the roadways. Police found him and pulled him over shortly after. However, as the officers approached, he sped off.

He then attempted to get away by driving recklessly through the subdivision in which he currently resides. When this didn’t work, he got onto the interstate, where the high-speed chase began. His driving made other cars have to leave the roadway. State Police were forced to use spike strips to blow out his tires, which was effective on the front passenger tire only. He left the interstate, struck a curb, and his vehicle ignited.

The chase ended in a gated parking lot in the 5700 block of Morrison. The front of his car was engulfed in flames. His 15-year-old passenger immediately left the vehicle, while the driver refused. Officers were forced to pull him from the burning vehicle as he resisted.

Thankfully, no physical harm came to his passenger.

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