11 Injured in 17-Vehicle New Orleans Pileup

New Orleans pileup

A 17-vehicle New Orleans pileup happened Sunday evening.

New Orleans, Louisiana – On September 23, 2018 at approximately 4 pm, an accident involving 17 vehicles occurred on I-10 westbound.

No one suffered from any serious injuries, thankfully. In addition, no one died as a result of the accident. However, 11 people did have to go to the hospital for the treatment of less serious injuries. The 11 injured went to 4 different area hospitals, according toNew Orleans Police Department.

Authorities suspect that the heavy rainstorm that occurred earlier in the afternoon contributed to the 17-vehicle New Orleans pileup. Rainy weather, as we know, can be quite dangerous to drive in. Once the accident happened, traffic became congested, as is expected after such an accident. For a while, traffic could only get by using one lane and the shoulder of I-10. The congestion stretched all the way back to I-510, at least until 6:45 pm, when congestion started to ease up. Authorities suggested drivers should, if possible, find a different route to their destination.

We at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys extend our wishes of swift and complete recovery for those injured. Accidents can be difficult to deal with, especially when suffering an injury from them. We hope for the best, and we truly hope for the smooth transition for the friends and families of those injured.