Common Maritime Injuries in New Orleans

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There is a common misconception that injuries on shipping vessels and the water in general are primarily attributable to those who work on oil rigs. After all, just about everyone has heard about how dangerous it is to work on an oil rig. In reality, maritime injuries occur on cruise ships, yachts, oil rigs, and other vessels. If you suffer any type of injury while on the water that is even slightly the fault of another person or institution, you may benefit from the assistance of our maritime injuries lawyers in New Orleans.

Examples of Maritime Injuries

Everything from a back injury to crush injuries and burns can occur while on a sea vessel. Though fairly uncommon, it is possible for those working or vacationing on water vessels to receive hearing damage. Whether it is the result of excessive noise due to construction on a cruise ship or loud machines at a work site, hearing damage has the potential to compromise your ability to work in an effective manner and enjoy life. Back injuries suffered on water vessels may also impact your ability to make a living.

Crush injuries are particularly painful as they trap a worker underneath or between heavy objects. This pressure can crush the fingers, arms, legs, or the entire body. Even orthopedic injuries to joints, tissues, and bone have the possibility to reduce the injured party’s quality of life and ability to work. One of the worst case scenarios is an injury that forces the amputation of a digit or limb. Such gruesome injuries are entirely possible in offshore accidents.

Many consider traumatic brain injuries, commonly referred to with the acronym TBI, to be one of the worst maritime injuries. Those who suffer such injuries tend to have issues with neurological/cognitive functions.

Injuries on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are supposed to be floating utopias. Unfortunately, some cruises do not turn out to be so dreamy. Cruise ships have the potential to become dangerous places. Especially if employees or vacationers act without concern for the well-being of others. The failure to provide due care to those in one’s vicinity is negligence. Do not assume your maritime injury suffered on a cruise ship or another water vessel is just a result of an inevitable accident. If you think an employee, fellow vacationer, or the corporation/management in charge of the cruise ship is even partially at fault for your injury, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injury, pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost time at work.

The most important step you can take is to reach out to our maritime injuries lawyers in New Orleans. Lean on our experienced legal team during this challenging chapter of your life and the scales of justice may tip in your favor. We have the skilled and caring legal professionals you need to try to prove another person or institution’s negligence and obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

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