Louisiana Wage and Hour Violation Lawyers

Louisiana Wage and Hour Violation Lawyers

Wage violations
Contact us if you suspect wage and hour violations today.

If you believe your employer has violated your rights as an employee, an employment law attorney can help you pursue justice and the fair compensation you deserve.

Our adept legal team represents clients across the state of Louisiana. They help them hold their employers accountable for wage and hour violations.

Types of Wage and Hour Violations

Labor laws are in place to protect employees. They mandate that employers must pay fair wages, pay overtime to non-exempt employees, and more. Unfortunately, not all employers follow these laws. Employment law lawyers deal with common wage and hour violations, which include:

  • Not paying overtime
  • Keeping poor records of time worked, or also falsifying records
  • Misclassifying employees to avoid paying

If you believe you have not received overtime wages and payments owed, contact our firm immediately.

Exempt Employees versus Nonexempt Employees

It is important to know whether or not you should be considered an exempt or nonexempt employee. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act establishes the national minimum wage as well as requires that overtime pay be paid to certain employees, though some employees are exempt from these standards.

Exemptions may include:

  • You work as a babysitter, taxi driver, or agricultural worker.
  • You receive a salary, and also earning over $23,600 annually.
  • Wages governed by other federal labor laws.
  • Job duties defined as executive, professional, or  also, administrative.

If you do not meet these requirements, you should be considered a nonexempt employee. Nonexempt employees are eligible to receive overtime pay. Whereas exempt employees may not be eligible for additional payment even though they may work more than 40 hours per week.

The Fair Labor Standard Act mandates that employers must pay nonexempt workers overtime for hours worked over 40 in a work week. Typically, the overtime rate of pay is 1.5 times your standard hourly wage.

If You Suspect Wage and Hour Violations

Certain employer practices can be red flags that wage and hour violations may be occurring. If you do not have a way to see the hours your employer has recorded, or your company does not use modernized timekeeping tools, it may be all too easy for an employer to utilize poor recordkeeping to their advantage to avoid paying the wages owed to you. As an employee, keep track of your hours work on your own — don’t rely solely on the company’s timekeeping system. If your numbers and their numbers are different, ask about the discrepancy.

Classifying workers as independent contractors or managers even though their duties negate these classifications can help an employer get around paying overtime and minimum wage. It is important that you know how you are classified as an employee. If you feel you have been misclassified in order for your employer to avoid paying you proper wages, you should know your legal rights.

If you suspect your employer is guilty of wage and hour violations, it is in your best interest to contact an employment law attorney who is skilled in dealing with wage and hour violations. They will be able to inform you of your rights as an employee, review your employment situation, and also inform you whether or not you have a strong case against your employer.

Compensation for Wage and Hour Violations

Employers who commit wage and hour violations should retain liability to compensate employees for unpaid earnings. If your employer committed wage and hour violations against you, you may also receive to collect interest.

If you aren’t receiving the pay owed to you and you suspect that the company you work for purposefully violated employment laws to avoid paying you, know that the law backs you up. You need an assertive lawyer who will protect your best interests while pursuing justice. As an employee, you have certain rights protected by federal law. You also retain protection against employer retaliation if you file a wage and hour violation claim.

Contact an Employment Law Attorney Now

You have legal options. Contact the Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys to discuss the wage and hour violations you believe committed by your employer. Our skilled legal team will review your case, free of charge, and also, help you determine if you’d like to pursue legal action against your employer. So, don’t wait and contact us today!


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