Backyard Safety Tips for Your Memorial Day Party

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here–the unofficial start of summer. People throughout New Orleans will invite friends and family over for barbecue, swimming, and fun in the sun. If you plan to host a Memorial Day party at your home this year, it’s important to do so with safety in mind. If someone accuses you of negligence by presenting an unsafe environment, do not assume it will lead to a costly settlement or court verdict. Our Louisiana premises liability attorney can help. Alternatively, if you are injured and believe another person or institution is partially or completely at fault, contact us for a thorough review of your case.

Memorial Day Weekend Backyard Safety Tips: Sweat the Small Stuff

Host a party on your property this Memorial Day weekend and you will likely have at least a couple youngsters having a blast in the backyard. But remember, safety first. Do not let the little ones venture near the pool. If you do not have a fence surrounding your pool or pond, add one as soon as possible. The fence should be at least five feet in height so kids cannot find their way into the water.

Youngsters having fun in the backyard should be under supervision by an adult at all times to prevent swimming pool accidents. It will also help to add a fence to the perimeter of your front and backyard. Also, add one to the area around the pool so youngsters do not venture out into traffic. The fence should feature a lockable gate so evildoers cannot breach your property.

Keep Your Furry Friends Away From Guests

If you have a dog or cat prone to biting, scratching, or growling at others, do not let him or her interact with your party guests. Even if you trust your pet. There is no guarantee the animal will treat others with the same respect provided to you and your loved ones.

Put your pet in a crate or drop him or her off at a friend’s place. Thus, you will not have to worry about liability stemming from an attack. Take the extra step of locking your pet door so little ones attending the party cannot crawl through it.

Mind the Greenery

Take a close look at your yard to determine if there are any potential hazards. Pick up objects like toys and rocks. In particular, poisonous plants will harm youngsters who ingest them out of curiosity. Fence off or remove such plants. If your lawn has been treated with pesticide, herbicide, or any other potentially harmful chemical, do not let anyone step foot on it until at least two days pass.

A Quick Look at Premises Liability

The legal concept of premises liability pertains to injuries caused by unsafe conditions. A supposedly injured party can win this type of case if he or she can prove the property owner’s lack of due care (negligence) for the property is the cause. They may seek pay for pain, medical bills, lost time at work, diminished earning capacity, and other losses. The challenge is proving the property owner was aware of the unsafe condition or should have known about the condition, yet failed to take the steps necessary to correct the situation.

Our Louisiana Premises Liability Attorney is on Your Side

There is no reason to settle with someone who accuses you of negligence after allegedly suffering an injury on your property. Meet with our Louisiana premises liability attorney so we can review your case and develop an impenetrable legal defense. You have nothing to lose by contacting Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys as there is no fee unless we win your case. You can reach us by dialing us directly. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., yet we are available 24/7 to answer your call. You can also schedule a free consultation anytime by contacting us through our website’s LiveChat feature. So, don’t wait. Call us today!

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