Plan a Safe and Kid-Friendly Easter

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Easter should be a celebration. No one wants to end the special day by having to call their Louisiana personal injury attorney. The presence of children, animals, eggs, and outdoor play all bring a certain level of risk. In addition to following any COVID-19 restrictions for group gatherings, make sure you keep these important things in mind when planning your Easter celebration so that it goes off without a hitch.

Remove Outdoor Dangers Before the Egg Hunt

Hunting for eggs is a big part of Easter that children love. Make sure this activity stays fun by removing unnecessary danger from the play area. Gardening tools and chemicals could pose a threat to children who are in a hurry to find the next egg.

Set up boundaries to make sure children do not go too far, or go anywhere that could be dangerous for them.

Do not place eggs anywhere that could have come into contact with any chemicals, wild animals, or harmful plants. Make sure you do not place eggs in any plants you cannot identify, as some plants can contain thorns or could cause unpleasant reactions. Don’t hesitate to contact a Louisiana personal injury attorney if you have any questions about your duty to avoid negligence in this area.

Treat Food Safely

Eggs can carry massive health risks if not treated properly. If you’re going to eat boiled eggs, make sure you do so within two hours of removing them from the refrigerator. Discard any eggs that become cracked during cooking, because the cracks create an easy entry for bacteria.

If you decide to dye eggs, use only food grade dye and make sure everyone washes their hands first. Plastic eggs with toys or individually wrapped candy inside may be a safer alternative, but hard boiled eggs are alright as long as you are mindful of food safety.

If you plan to cook a big meal, make sure you do that safely as well. Know what internal temperature you should be aiming for to ensure that all meat is cooked thoroughly. Consult a cookbook or online resource to make sure you know how to prepare everything properly.

Be Mindful of Choking Hazards and Allergies

Sometimes children are unaware of their own allergies. If you plan to have a lot of kids over, talk to their parents to see if there is anything you should know in advance. Look into candy without peanuts, gluten, or dairy just to be safe. Some children are even allergic to chocolate.

There are plenty of other treat options (like gummy candy, marshmallows, and popcorn). Keep a close eye on the children while they eat and look out for any warning signs of choking.

To reduce your risk even further, consider avoiding hard candy or anything else that could be easy to choke on. Definitely do not allow children to play games where they stuff a lot of marshmallows or any other foods into their mouths.

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