Who Is Responsible If I Hit Road Debris in Louisiana?

Louisiana negligence attorneys

Contact your local Louisiana negligence attorneys if you are unsure about the strength of your case.

Debris in the road is a common cause of accidents in Louisiana. If something falls from another vehicle and strikes your car or causes an accident, you may have a legal claim to compensation. This debris could be anything from a shredded tire on another car, to something falling off of a truck or out of a window. Louisiana negligence attorneys will be able to help you determine if your specific circumstance qualifies.

Proving Negligence

To increase your chances of success, you should gather as much support as you can at the time of the incident. This can be difficult since you are operating your vehicle, so please remember that preventing further danger is the most important thing here. Do not risk anyone’s safety or any additional property damage in an attempt to document the situation.

To document the situation effectively, get the license plate of the offending vehicle, and any relevant photos. If something fell off of a truck because improper storage, get multiple photos of the truck from different angles. If you have a passenger in your car, ask them to take photos and/or video footage immediately so you can continue to focus on driving.

Photos of the license plate will help prove your position on the road. Also, photos of the other vehicle can help demonstrate how it was dropping debris. Despite any signage a commercial truck may have, the company and the driver can still be liable for negligently introducing debris into the roadway. Contact local Louisiana negligence attorneys if you are unsure about the strength of your case.

Moving or Stationary Debris

Debris that hits your car on the fly or while still moving is considered impossible to avoid. If the debris had settled when you hit it, the offending party may claim that you could have avoided it. If you are unsure about whether or not the debris you hit was avoidable, Louisiana negligence attorneys will be able to talk you through it.

Regardless of whether the debris moves or not, liability can fall on you if you swerve to avoid it and cause damage. If you have time to safely drive around an object, that is the best decision.

If you do not have time to safely avoid debris, it is best to simply let it hit your car. This is especially true of debris that could only cause minor damage to your car. Or debris that does not put you or your passengers in physical danger. You may be responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of your swerving to avoid debris.

Louisiana Negligence Attorneys

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