How Should You Handle Louisiana Insurance Claims Disputes?

Louisiana insurance claims disputes

If your insurance company has denied your health, home, or car insurance claim, contact an experienced Louisiana insurance claims disputes lawyer at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys.

You’re enjoying a warm summer day with your family when suddenly a storm starts to roll in. The storm continues to grow in strength and your home is right in its path.

Before you know it, you’re in the middle of a violent, uncertain act of mother nature. While you make it out of the storm unscathed, your home wasn’t so lucky and it sustained serious flood damage.

You take pictures, write down notes and call your insurance company to file a claim. You did everything right and you were sure you had sufficient coverage for the damages. But now the insurance company wants to deny your claim. What do you do next?

Louisiana Insurance Claims Disputes

Suffering from an accident or tragedy is hard enough. But, once you add the stress of dealing with insurance companies, it can get overwhelming.

Don’t worry, there are steps you can take if your insurance company tries to deny your claim.

Contact an Attorney

Your first step should be to find and contact a local attorney who can help you with your case.

Insurance companies are infamous for getting customers to sign away their rights to compensation without them even realizing. Therefore, a good attorney will protect you from those types of unethical practices from the very beginning.

Find Out Why Your Claim Was Denied

There are several reasons why an insurance company might deny a claim. So it’s important to understand why they denied your claim and seek legal assistance right away.

Some reasons for a claim denial might include:

    • Exclusions in the policy – Some insurance companies will specially exclude certain types of loss or damages. If you believe you had the proper coverage but they’re still denying your claim, contact a lawyer who specializes in Louisiana insurance claims disputes.
    • The Policy has lapsed: If you fail to pay your premiums, it will promptly end any existing coverage. As a result, the court will deny your claim and you won’t receive compensation for your damages. If you believe the denial was an error, contact an attorney to help.
  • You didn’t notify the insurer in time – Most policies require you to report accidents or damages within in a certain amount of time. That’s why you should always notify your insurance company right away. Don’t wait.

Regardless of why your claim was denied, make sure you contact an experienced attorney who can help you sort out all of the details of your claim.

Take Action

Every case is different. Your lawyer can help you decide the best course of action for your claim. For Louisiana insurance claims disputes, an attorney will review all necessary paperwork and prevent you from signing or making any statements that are not in your best interest.

Additionally, a lawyer will let the insurance company know that you mean business and will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive justice.

At times an insurance company will try to refuse a claim for reasons that are arbitrary or unjust. As a result, if your lawyer can prove the company acted wrongly or in bad faith, you might be able to pursue additional compensation.

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