How Long Does it Take to Settle Car Accident Case in New Orleans?

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If you have been injured in a car accident in New Orleans, there is a good chance you will receive a settlement offer. The majority of such cases are not litigated in a court of law. Rather, New Orleans car crash attorneys will engage in settlement discussions with the insurance company and/or opposing counsel. The length of time that passes before an acceptable settlement offer is provided hinges on a number of factors.

Beware of Quick Settlement Offers

The typical driver does not have a good idea as to how much money they should receive in a settlement offer. Plenty of insurance companies will try to float out settlement offers soon after the accident has taken place in an attempt to lure victims into accepting a small amount of money. Unfortunately, this tactic works more often than most think, especially for victims who do not work with experienced New Orleans car accident attorneys.

Ally with a personal injury law firm in New Orleans to discuss the nuances of your case and form a sound legal strategy. An alliance with a skilled team of attorneys often results in a settlement offer that is thousands or even tens of thousands more than would be offered to a “pro se” victim who represents himself.

How Long Will It Take to Receive an Acceptable Settlement Offer?

There is no concrete answer to this question. It hinges on:

  • The details of your case
  • The merit of your attorneys
  • The perspective of the other party’s insurance company

Settlement discussions also take some time to develop. The insurer typically starts out with an egregiously low offer. The plaintiff’s attorneys respond with a much higher offer. The end result is typically a meeting in the middle. Yet it sometimes takes months or even years to reach this “happy medium”.

However, in some instances, a fair settlement offer is provided in the days or weeks following the accident. At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, our New Orleans car accident attorneys will handle the settlement discussions while you focus on healing, returning to work, and regaining a sense of normalcy.

Patience Pays Off

It is going to take some time to review the details of your auto accident claim. A thorough investigation will take a while. In some instances, the matter goes to court before an acceptable settlement offer is provided by the insurance company. In other instances, the matter resolves in court as the insurer refuses to provide an acceptable settlement offer. Be patient while your personal injury legal team engage in settlement negotiations; there is a good chance you will emerge with a fantastic offer.

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