Who is Liable When a Saints Fan is Hurt at a Home Game?

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It is no secret that NFL football games attract large crowds of people. And just like other NFL cities, the New Orleans Saints have a large fan base that can be passionate and boisterous in their support of their home team. Add alcohol into the mix and conflicts occur between fans of opposing teams. Slip and falls and other accidents are also not uncommon.

If you are injured at a game, or any major sporting event in Louisiana, you will find our New Orleans personal injury lawyers to be quite helpful. Our legal team is experienced at determining fault and liability and seeking compensation for medical care and other damages when possible.

The Inherent Risks of Attending Sporting Events

Anyone who attends a major sporting event does so under the assumption that there could be a risk of injury. Just check the fine print on a ticket to read the few lines that state each ticket holder will not hold the venue responsible for injuries.

Spectator Injuries at Sporting Events

When a person thinks of injuries taking place at a sporting event, they think a majority of them will occur on the field. Unfortunately, that is not always that case.

There are all kinds of spectator injuries that can take place at a sporting event, such as:

  1. Slip and falls
  2. Burns from hot surfaces
  3. Fan-on-fan violence
  4. Pedestrian accidents in parking lots

Some of these injuries happen because of negligence of a venue and others, reckless acts of individuals.

Who is Liable for Injuries at Saints Games?

If you are injured at a Saints game in New Orleans, you can potentially file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries. How is that possible, you ask?

Even though spectators may assume a certain level of risk for attending a game, they also assume that the venue will perform their due diligence to ensure maintenance of the stadium. Part of maintaining a venue includes making sure of:

  • Clearly marked uneven floors and steps. 
  • Equipment checked to lessen chance of objects falling on fans.
  • Warning signs in place to point out hot seating and railing surfaces that could burn skin.
  • Bathrooms frequently checked to ensure no flooded floors. 

In cases where another spectator inflicts harm, there is also potential to hold that person accountable. Under very specific circumstances, the venue may also receive liability. Consult with a personal injury attorney to learn more about whether or not you have a viable case.

New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyers 

Although minor injuries are more likely to occur at a Saints game than more severe ones, it’s good to know that you have legal options in case you need them. If you do endure an injury at a Saints game, our New Orleans personal injury lawyers help you obtain justice.

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