Personal Injury Attorney Mike Brandner Is at the Forefront of Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Incident

Hard Rock Hotel construction site incident located at 1031 Canal Street.

Numerous questions and concerns have developed since the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel construction site on October 12, 2019. To help provide insight on the legal aspects that may evolve from the incident, personal injury attorney Mike Brandner has made himself available to accept news interviews. He may be reached at 504-345-1111, or by email at ​[email protected].

Additionally, he has also established himself at the forefront of the incident by being the first to file a lawsuit on behalf of injured construction workers. 

Great Legal Minds at Work 

After taking the initiative to file the first lawsuit for workers harmed in the Hard Rock Hotel construction site incident, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys brought together some of the greatest legal minds in New Orleans to form a team that shares a common goal–to prevent this type of incident from happening again. After a motion to enroll was filed today, Walter Leger, Jr. and Frank Shaw of the law firm Leger & Shaw are now part of this powerhouse legal team led by Mike Brandner, which also includes the law firm of Delise & Hall, Attorneys at Law.  

Mike Brandner and the legal team’s next decisive action today was to file a motion for non-destruction and preservation of evidence and documents relating to the incident that occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site. The order Elias Membreno, ET AL., NO. 19-10819, was placed on behalf of Elias Membreno, Ronal Enrique, Borjas Rodas, and Mariano Bonilla.   

Listed Injuries Suffered by Workers 

As listed in section VII of the original lawsuit NO. 19-10819, the injuries suffered by the workers are as follows: 

As a direct result of the collapse, petitioners were caused to suffer injuries and damages requiring their undergoing medical treatment and procedures for their injuries and will be caused to undergo further such treatment and procedures in the future; they have also suffered severe physical pain and mental anguish, still so suffer, and will suffer in the future; they were caused to incur doctors’ bills, hospital bills and other medical expenses for treatment of his injuries and they will be caused to incur such expenses in the future; he has been caused to lose time and wages from his employment and their ability to work and earn money in the future; has been irreparably impaired; and, their ability to engage in the usual activities of daily living has been impaired and will be impaired in the future. 

Cause of Action – Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315

The cause of the injuries and damages experienced by the workers was also detailed in the original lawsuit. More specifically, under Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315, the proximate cause listed for Elias Membreno, Ronal Enrique, Borjas Rodas, and Mariano Bonilla’s injuries and damages was the negligence of the Defendants in the planning, operation, manning, and method of conducting the work at the site located at 1031 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Furthermore, the Defendants listed in the lawsuit are: 1031 Canal Investments, Citadel Builders, Harry Smith Baker Architects, Heaslip Engineering, and Moses Engineers. 

What to Expect Next After the Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Incident

Now that the motion to preserve evidence and documents was filed, a more thorough investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the incident and what entities played a role in causing it to happen. 

After these items are established, the next steps may lead to more formal lawsuits and litigation.  

As previously stated, the ultimate goal of Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys and the legal team members of Leger & Shaw, and Delise & Hall, Attorneys at Law, is to ensure the future safety and well-being of construction crews in New Orleans. They are accomplishing this by pulling their resources together and taking timely measures to first establish cause and fault. Then they will work towards establishing safeguards to help prevent this type of incident from occurring again.   

Questions? Please feel free to call 504-345-1111 to speak with Mike Brandner, or send an email to ​[email protected]​.