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Left turn accident claims are extraordinarily common. Turning left is inherently risky as the driver must maneuver his vehicle through one or several streams of traffic. If the driver is not careful or if other drivers change their position or speed, an accident can occur. The question is who is at fault and if the injured party’s attorney can successfully prove the other driver’s negligence (lack of due care). If you find yourself a victim in a left turn accident caused from the negligence of another, we can help. Connect with our New Orleans car accident lawyers and we will do everything in our power to obtain justice for you.

Fault in Left Turn Accident Claims

Imagine an instance in which a truck executing a left turn collides with an oncoming sport utility vehicle that is traveling straight. If the accident occurs at an intersection with a green light, Louisiana law dictates the left-turning truck driver assumes guilt.

Thankfully, the law provides an opportunity for the presumably guilty driver to overcome the presumption of fault for the accident. For the most part, a driver making the left turn does not incur fault.

Drivers attempting to execute a left turn must yield the right of way to other drivers. Furthermore, the driver attempting to turn left must signal his intention to turn left in a clear and timely manner. They are also required to check the traffic behind his vehicle as well as the oncoming traffic. Once these criteria are satisfied, the left-turning driver is considered to be free from all fault in the event of a collision involving his vehicle and the passing vehicle.

Additional Factors

A left-turning driver can be relieved from liability in the event of an accident if it occurs at or near an intersection and certain conditions exist. These conditions are as follows:

  • The vehicle traveling straight ahead proceeded through a red light.
  • The driver traveling straight ahead was speeding. This is an especially strong argument if the driver traveling straight was speeding at an excessive rate.
  • The driver turning left started his turn and reached the intersection prior to the straight-traveling driver entering the intersection. This argument has even more merit if the left-turning driver entered this space several seconds ahead of the straight-traveling driver.

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