Jones Act or Maritime Injury Attorneys

Jones Act or Maritime Injury Attorneys

maritime law
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Louisiana boasts some of the greatest shoreline in the United States. For many, the water is a way of life. From working on oil rigs to boating in the bayou, a majority of Louisianans rely on the water and the business it brings.

Maritime Injury

Of course, no one knows better the inherent risks and dangers of living, working, and playing on the ocean. Hurricanes can cause immense damage, and oil spills have affected everyone. Luckily, these don’t happen every day. For some people, however, the sea does pose a daily risk.

The men and women who go to work every day on oil rigs, fishing boats, ferries, cargo ships, cruise ships, and also barges understand these risks. Their employers also understand the dangers of the job, and should take measures to ensure that:

  • The company’s boats are seaworthy and also in good condition,
  • Safety railings are in place,
  • Properly secured loads, and
  • Lastly, safely operated vessels.

Many of the accidents incurred in the maritime industry are preventable. Sometimes, employers do not take the proper steps to ensure that their employees receive protection. Injured at sea or on a docked ship? The Jones Act may protect you when your employer didn’t. Contact Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys in New Orleans, LA for a free legal consultation.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act doesn’t protect just anyone on the water, but it has widespread coverage. If you have a significant connection with a particular vessel or fleet of vessels in navigation, and your job contributes to operation of said vessel(s), you are likely considered a seaman by legal terms. A seaman’s injuries may be covered by the Jones Act if the employer’s negligence can be proven.

The maritime industry is one that is tight-knit, and oftentimes workers who are injured feel pressured to keep the incident quiet for fear of being black-balled from the industry. Occasionally, some people feel their jobs may be threatened if they pursue a claim. The right Metairie maritime lawyer can protect you from these bad-faith practices and ensure that you are safe to pursue compensation.

From falling overboard to oil rig explosions, cruise ships to recreational boating, if you or a loved one has been injured on a vessel, contact a Louisiana Jones Act attorney or New Orleans maritime lawyer today. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys offers Jones Act representation to maritime workers throughout the New Orleans and Gulf area, and will fight for your justice. Contact us today!


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