How to Deal with Insurance Claim Disputes on Valentine’s Day

insurance claim disputes Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a joyous time for companionship, romance, and generosity. It shouldn’t be a time for insurance companies to deny your insurance claim after an accident. The last thing you’d want to worry about on Valentine’s Day are insurance claim disputes. However, if your insurance claim does get denied, there are a few steps you can take to seek compensation. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys is here with some tips about insurance claim disputes.

What Is an Insurance Claim Dispute?

An insurance claim dispute is when your insurance company denies or otherwise disputes your claim after damages have occurred. The type of insurance usually doesn’t matter. Auto, health, home, and other types of insurance companies can all potentially deny or dispute your claims.

Some disputes or denials are justified. Others are mistakenly caused by errors with paperwork or miscommunications by a claims adjuster. However, some disputes or denials may be totally unjustifiable. Bad-faith insurance companies practice manipulative or otherwise unethical ways of making sure you get less compensation than you deserve.

For example, a bad-faith insurance company may impose unnecessary delays on the processing of your claim. Some companies employ aggressive insurance adjusters that are only interested in keeping their jobs and maximizing company profits, rather than taking care of their customers. Maybe they enforce overburdening requirements you must adhere to. Perhaps they simply just don’t want to pay you, even if your claim is correct and just. 

No matter the case, you should always look out for bad-faith insurance companies giving you less compensation than you deserve.

How Do I Dispute an Insurance Claim Denial?

In order to challenge the insurance company’s decision on your claim, you must do a few things. One option is to file an internal request with the insurance company. This means the insurance company itself reviews how it processed your claim. If your appeal is urgent, the company must expedite their review process. However, the insurance company may still end up denying your claim, even after completing their review process.

If this option is unsatisfactory for you, you can always consult an insurance dispute lawyer at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys. Our attorneys can analyze the context of the situation and determine if what the insurance company offered you results in a fair deal.

Mike Brandner’s insurance dispute attorneys:

  • Will analyze your insurance policy and the actions the insurance company took to process your claim.
  • Have the knowledge and the experience to know when insurance companies are acting out of line.

In fact, our legal team may be able to get you not only the amount of your original claim, but also additional compensation.

Suffer from Unjust Insurance Claim Denials?

Has an unjust insurance claim denial tarnished your Valentine’s Day? Contact Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys right away! Our lawyers know how to put insurance companies in their place and get you the compensation you deserve.

You can contact us 24/7 by phone, on the web, or through our LiveChat feature. Consultations are free, and we do not collect any fees until we win your case. So don’t hesitate; call Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys today!

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