Injured While Vacationing in New Orleans – What Do I Do?

Vacationing in New Orleans

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New Orleans attracts over a million people for Mardi Gras, but it’s also a popular vacation spot that attracts millions of families and college students throughout the year. The Big Easy is rich in history, especially throughout the French Quarter, and provides a diverse combination of music, food and culture with its world-famous jazz music, Cajun cuisine and Creole heritage. Touted as the Festival Capital of the World, it is also a tourist hotspot that boasts eerie ghost tours, swamp tours of the bayou, an elegant Garden District and so much more.

Unfortunately, along with all these exciting activities for tourists of all ages, some visitors will suffer an injury while they’re here and will need the assistance of New Orleans personal injury lawyers.

Injuries Can Happen Anywhere

With more than nine million people visiting New Orleans every year, accidents are bound to occasionally happen. Two of the most common injuries occur due to motor vehicle crashes and premises liability accidents, such as slip-and-fall injuries or other accidents on someone’s property, including hotels or restaurants.

Since biking and bike tours are popular pastimes in New Orleans, biking accidents are also common. According to Vox, New Orleans previously ranked in the top five deadliest cities for bikers. Inadequate or negligent hotel and event security is also to blame for serious, sometimes fatal, injuries to tourists. Dealing with any injury at any time is difficult, but it can be even worse when you’re vacationing.

Injured While Vacationing

Any time you’re injured, always seek medical treatment, and then contact experienced New Orleans personal injury lawyers to help with your injury claim.

This makes it difficult to know where to turn. The longer you delay retaining an attorney, the more you risk losing your case. New Orleans personal injury lawyers know the applicable state laws. We can secure witness testimony to ensure you meet the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

Hire Top New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether you live out of state or in another city, don’t let someone get away with injuring you, simply because you don’t live in New Orleans. Contact the New Orleans personal injury lawyers at (504) 345-1111. Our experienced personal injury team in New Orleans takes no fee unless you win. We offer free consults for every client. We fight for the outcome you deserve. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys based in New Orleans help you get the compensation you deserve.

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