The Importance of Seeking Legal Help After School Bus Accidents

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School buses transport our youngsters to and from school in the safest possible manner. Unfortunately, school bus accidents occur from time to time. About one-quarter of all school bus injuries occur when little ones get on and off the bus. An average of six youngsters die each year when school buses collide with other vehicles and objects. If your little one or anyone you know has been harmed as a result of a school bus accident, you need a group of skilled Louisiana school bus accident attorneys to advocate on your behalf.

Legal assistance from our talented attorneys will help you obtain the financial compensation for injuries, medical bills, pain and other damages that you and your loved ones deserve.

Common Causes for School Bus Accidents

In most instances, it is not simply bad luck that causes a school bus accident. The vast majority of these accidents are a result of negligence. Negligence is a legal term that means a party’s failure to provide due care to others.

Common causes of bus accidents can be one of or a combination of the factors described below:

  • Automotive maintenance. Some school bus accidents are caused by a lack of automotive maintenance. Schools may neglect bus maintenance due to cost concerns.
  • Bus driver distraction. The unfortunate truth is plenty of bus drivers do not keep their attention locked on the road when behind the wheel. Drivers err, suffer distractions, and sometimes text, call, eat, or drink while driving. Even a discussion with a passenger can lead to an accident.
  • Bus driver fatigued and inexperience. Some bus drivers drive when overly fatigued. Others were not provided with sufficient training before operating these massive vehicles.
  • Another vehicle crashing into the bus. On October 21,2020 the driver of a Silverado truck crossed over the center line and struck a Terrebonne Parish school bus head-on injuring two student passengers. The driver of the truck died on scene from fatal injuries resulting from the crash.

Schools’ Responsibility for School Bus Accidents

Your decision to pursue legal action against a school following a school bus accident is essential for a number of reasons. You and your injured loved one deserve compensation for injuries. 

Furthermore, pursuing legal action will force the school to modify its actions and policies to prevent future accidents. A school that pays for negligence will go to great lengths to ensure additional accidents do not occur in the future.

Our Louisiana School Bus Accident Attorneys will Help

Personal injury claims that involve school buses are complex as several parties are often involved, ranging from the school district to the bus driver, governmental entities, other drivers, and beyond. That is why you need a skilled Louisiana School Bus Accident attorney on your side.

At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, our Louisiana school bus accident attorneys will fight and get you just compensation if injured in a school bus accident. We will carefully and thoroughly review the facts of your case and craft the best legal strategy.

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