Hurt Crossing the Road in New Orleans – What Should I Do?

Crossing the road

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Louisiana ranks near the top of the most dangerous states for pedestrians, according to a report by the group Smart Growth America. The report ranks it as the third most dangerous state in the country, with over 1,000 pedestrian deaths between 2005 and 2014. That’s why New Orleans pedestrian accident lawyers see many cases involving serious injuries or even death.

In fact, New Orleans is a particularly dangerous place for pedestrians, according to a study cited by The Times-Picayune. The study mentioned the city’s relative lack of pedestrian signals with countdown timers, which reduce accidents.

Our firm offers the following tips to help keep area pedestrians safe:

Avoid Distractions

Your eyes and ears need to focused on your surroundings. Stay alert and keep your mind and attention on what you’re doing and on the cars around you. Don’t use your phone, earbuds, or other devices that could hamper your ability to be attentive and aware of what’s going on around you.

Stay Visible

Stay as visible as possible by wearing brightly colored clothing during the day and lightly colored or reflective clothing at night or in other low-light situations such as rainy weather. Also stay in well-lit areas so drivers will be able to see you more easily, and don’t stand behind a parked car, bus, or other obstacle before crossing the road.

Follow the Rules When Crossing the Road

Use crosswalks and sidewalks whenever possible. If they’re not available, walk on the shoulder of the road and face traffic. Cross at intersections when possible. Obey traffic rules and signals, but don’t assume that drivers are necessarily doing the same.

Stay Sober

When drinking, your chances of injury as a pedestrian rise substantially. You’ll increase your risk of injury or death due to the inebriation.

Getting Help from New Orleans Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

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