10 Important New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for New Orleans

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

From the televised Fleur de Lis drop to socially distanced parties, New Orleans still offers a variety of activities to cheer in 2021. To help prevent you and your loved ones from falling victim to common seasonal injuries, follow these New Year’s Eve safety tips. If you or a loved one have been a victim of personal injury during a New Year’s Eve celebration, contact us at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys today!

10 Important New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for New Orleans

Your safety should come first whenever celebrating NYE in New Orleans. That is why our legal team put together the following 10 safety tips for ringing in the new year:

  1. Drink Responsibly– If you’re planning on drinking this New Year’s Eve, please do not drive. Don’t let any family or friends that have been drinking drive either. Choose a designated driver for the night or plan on taking public transportation, rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, or hire a taxi. Also, be prepared to go easy on the alcohol in order to prevent alcohol poisoning or public intoxication. Together, we can help prevent drunk driving accidents
  2. Crowd Navigation– Social distancing mandates have helped to prevent larger crowds and groups of people from gathering in public places. However, that does not mean that you won’t unintentionally find yourself in a situation where a large crowd suddenly pops up. As such, be vigilant and make sure that you watch your surroundings to avoid coming in close contact with strangers. Other crowd tips include leaving your valuables at home. Moreover, keep your phone and wallet in a front pocket. 
  3. Fireworks and Guns– Stick with sparklers and noisemakers if you need special effects on New Year’s Eve. Shooting guns and fireworks off could break local noise ordinances and other laws in Louisiana. Falling bullets are also extremely dangerous as they could take a life. If you do plan on having pyrotechnical displays—follow local laws and put safety first.  
  4. Handle Food Safely– Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? Make sure to heat food to proper temperatures and refrigerate leftovers promptly to prevent food poisoning. Also, ask your attendees about food allergies as well. Doing so could help prevent any possible food-related injuries.
  5. Protect Your Pets– Loud and sudden noises can startle even the most even-tempered of all animals. Keeping your pets in safe, quiet spaces will ensure your pets stay at home rather than running away.
  6. Vehicular Safety– The hours of 8:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. are some of the most dangerous to be out on the road. Auto accidents are the greatest during this time. A BAC of 0.08 is illegal across the United States. Aside from drunk drivers, weather can almost be more dangerous. Winter weather can make roads slippery. Drive carefully and maintain a safe distance from any other vehicles. If roads are bad, stay home and have your own party.
  7. Sleepover Plans–Going to a house party to ring in 2021?  Consider making plans to sleep wherever you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve. This will keep you off the roads. Whether you are drinking or just wanting to stay safe, ask your hosts ahead of time and pack accordingly.
  8. Popping the Bubbly– 45 is your magic number when opening champagne. Making sure that it is chilled to 45 degrees and angling your bottle 45 degrees when opening can save you and your guests a world of eye pain.
  9. Be Attentive– Despite coronavirus restrictions, you may still end up getting separated from other members of your group on New Year’s Eve while you are out and about. Have a pre-game plan in place to help ensure your group can reconnect sooner than later if this should happen. Also, pay close attention to the other members of your group and check your phone if you do notice someone has been separated longer than necessary. 
  10. Have Fun– Celebration is the whole point of New Year’s Eve. Having a good attitude going into this celebration is a big step in ensuring you have fun! Take the right safety precautions and you will have a memorable way to kick off 2021!

Alternative New Year’s Eve Transportation in New Orleans

Every law enforcement agency in New Orleans stresses the importance of planning how to get home before the partying begins. If your transportation plans do fall through, you don’t want to get behind the wheel. 

Instead, download a rideshare app on your phone and/or save the number of a taxi service for quick dial access prior to leaving your home. You can also preplan by asking any friends or family who do not intend to drink that evening if they would be okay with a last minute call from you if you find that you need a ride.   

Finally, if you or a loved one is the victim of a personal injury accident during a New Year’s Eve celebration in Louisiana – please contact us 24/7!

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